Video content is one of the most popular forms of content consumed on the internet, so here are some great tools to create videos

Have you ever wondered what you did on the internet before videos became popular? It doesn’t matter - nothing can overtake videos now. According to the latest stats, video content is one of the most popular forms of content consumed on the internet. There is a splurge of 63% in the entire video content consumption skyrocketing it to 81% in 2018. Yes, you read that right, I likened ‘video’ to ‘content’ for it has now become an integral part of content marketing. In its State of Inbound Report, HubSpot maintains that video marketing is gaining momentum rapidly. In fact, Cisco maintains that by 2020, online videos will make up for over 80% of all consumer internet traffic! Still not convinced?…

Provide a narrative and continue the story to delight your audience and have an effective video campaign

You’ve got your cup of coffee in one hand and your prop list in the other. You still need to send out a dozen tweets and find a new actor because your top choice canceled at the last moment. Your director made some scripting tweaks that require rewrites. The list goes on. Planning and marketing your video can feel like the opposite of Hollywood glamour. But when you boil it down, digital marketing and the movies actually have a lot in common. Whether it’s a comedy that makes your cheeks sore from laughing or a tearjerker that leaves you blubbering in your car on the way home, great movies change viewers’ lives by taking them on an emotional journey. Your video can do the exact same thing by forming a relationship with attendees, providing a narrative…

Defining budget and timescales for video production

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Whether you're joining the video revolution for the very first time, or thinking about your next online video project, one thing will be paramount to ensuring its success: preparation.

Like any other marketing strategy, setting clear goals for video production is an essential part of your preparation. Clearly defined goals will stop you from wasting time and money, and ensure your video delivers an effective message to your target audience.

It's all very well deciding you want to increase the use of online video in your marketing strategy, but skipping the vital step of setting realistic goals will limit the success of your project.

As Benjamin Franklin famously said: by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Setting Your Goals

Goal setting is a powerful process to help keep you focused.…

8 top tips and examples of producing great low cost video from scratch

If you are new to marketing with video, starting simple could be the key. Throughout the process of creating less expensive and less challenging video content, you will learn the ropes and be inspired to build upon the basics. The learning process will generate ideas that will contribute to developing a more thought-through video marketing strategy; putting you in the position of being able to justify bigger budgets in the future.

Examples of successful video using a bootstrapping approach

Here are some great examples showing just how effective low cost videos can be....... This example shows screencasting in action - as well as showing you how to use Screenflow as a tool for yourself!: The production of this video animation was definitely not inexpensive. However, it shows how mobile phones can produce great results: Finally, this video…

A checklist of 7 questions for the perfect brief

If you have decided to go to a production company to bring your corporate video to life, it is important that you clearly communicate to them what it is you want. You need them to understand your concept and buy into it so that they become as passionate as you are about making a success of the video. As background, see these examples of B2B corporate videos and different formats compiled by Rene Power. Based on my experience of what is sometimes missing, here's a checklist of questions that will help you write a great corporate video brief:

1.   What’s the purpose of your video?

You need to communicate the goal of your video to the company. Is it to launch or support a specific campaign? Is it an attempt at solving a…