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Startup company growth needs effective and easily accessible digital tools and resources

Over the past few years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of startups that can be seen as a fresh alternative to working in corporations. This is due to their creators’ desire to be independent and run their own company, but also due to changes taking place in the business culture, rapid technological development and most of all, easy access to tools that help grow and manage firms effectively. As a matter of fact, every startup company supporting relevant software and digital sources can build a strong marketing campaign and grow business all by itself. Looking for tools to conduct startup business, entrepreneurs are drawing attention to some of their common features: • Easy availability • Low-cost or free • Accelerating work • Integrated with other tools SaaS…

6 types of user experience and online audience surveying tools to help create a more customer-centred website and brand

Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics are used by nearly every company since they provide valuable quantitative data on site visitor behaviour. No surprise there. But web analytics systems don't give direct qualitative feedback from site visitors and customers and the surprise to me, is that relatively few companies use these, although their popularity is increasing rapidly. They can be used to support UX improvement projects both on the live site and when getting structured feedback during website redesign. We believe that qualitative website feedback tools are also essential to take the pulse of your website and improve your UX, but surprisingly they are less widely used despite paid services such as Opinion Labs being available for many years and some incredible free tools.

April 2018 update to tools

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