3 Tips to Ensure the Success of Your Guerrilla Marketing Efforts

Guerrilla marking can be defined as “an innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing technique aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.” Lower cost and increased exposure — that’s the dream, right? To illustrate with a modern, classic example, in 2012, Dollar Shave Club nailed guerrilla marketing with its viral YouTube video. For just $4,500, the company created a surprising and funny commercial that went viral in 72 hours. Although consumers see more than 2,900 media messages every day, the sad truth is they will only remember four of them. DSC managed to remain one of those memorable four for a long time, all thanks to a relatively inexpensive video. If that kind of return is possible, why even bother with marketing initiatives that yield lower returns?

Guerrilla Tactics Expand Your Reach

Most marketing — traditional and digital — is about scalability and input/output; it costs…