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Chart of the Day: Research shows the most popular measurements and KPIs for email marketing evaluation

I’ve been taking a look at the latest trends in email marketing based on the DMA Email tracker in advance of speaking at the Email Innovations Summit at Data-driven business later in the month. Since the focus is data or insights-driven business, I was interested to see how evaluation of email marketing has moved on (or not). I like the DMA email tracker report since it asks respondents to a survey to give an estimate of the average ROI of email marketing. This always shows the power of email marketing as a relatively low-cost responsive medium which drives results in many industry sectors... In 2018, the ROI of email marketing is £32.28 for every £1 spent, up from £30.03 last year.

Metrics and KPIs used to evaluate email marketing

Digging into the details of how email marketing is evaluated,…

How to use financial data to win over stakeholders to your email marketing strategy

LinkedIn hosts 2.7 million+ profiles for people with 'Email Marketing' skills. Our field is growing constantly growing in what to me, is inarguably one of the most versatile and creative areas of digital marketing. Whilst there are some amazing resources, such as Litmus who write the gospel for designers and coders, we wanted to create something focused on the the challenges of the email marketing manager.

We had an itch. We spoke to a lot of people who had this itch too. We wanted to scratch it. Thus, the No BS Email Marketing guide was born. 

In Edition One we hired nine Email Marketers across a range of industries. From Financial Service Tech to Retail, MMORPG to…