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10 handy marketing and sales tools you can integrate with slack

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 18 Apr, 2017
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Up your slack game with these time-saving tools

What better way to boost marketing and sales productivity than using a productivity tool? Slack now has over 4 million users, and many marketing and sales tools have used that opportunity to reach more users by building integrations.

The good news for marketers and sales personnel is that you can now get more work done without having to leave your Slack channels. This article summarises what you can do with these 10 great Slack integrations.


I’m beginning with GrowthBot because it is a severely underestimated chat based marketing tool that can help you with content ideas, keyword research and monitoring your competition.

Once you have integrated the tool, you simply have to say “Hello” to have it suggest a dozen or so questions that you can then use as queries. Some interesting questions are “What keywords does enter your competitor here rank for?”, or, “What are this week’s top posts on somepublication.com?”


Marketing and sales teams that are updated on the latest in their niche and have influence on social networks are in a unique position to help their business grow. With DrumUp, you can connect them with the right content by delivering fresh posts from top websites in your industry directly to any Slack channel.

When integrating the tool, you simply need to set up keywords and choose a Slack channel to deliver the content to. Channel members can read and schedule posts to their social accounts from the channel.


As content has become an integral part of all marketing departments, content management has become a problem point. Fortunately, Trello offers a Slack integration.

You can create a Slack channel for everyone who’s responsible for content and integrate Trello with that channel. Trello lets you add cards, set due-dates and tag people on them to simplify content supervision.


If you are running an important email marketing campaign, you can use GetResponse to monitor it from your Slack channel.

Once you have installed the integration, the tool will alert you of opens, clicked links, subscribes and unsubscribes via your Slack channel. You can have everyone involved with the campaign on that channel so they have easy access to insights they can use for future campaigns.


ARC gives you a summary of your Google Analytics and reports the bottom line, which can be useful to busy marketers and executives. It also helps with benchmarking by reporting your metrics with respect to the previous weeks.

Since it delivers metrics like page views, website visits, and bounce rates, it could act as an instant feedback mechanism for developers or content editors making changes to your website.


Instant information on leads can help you drive more conversions. ClearBit helps you access that information via your Slack channels.

If you are a B2B business targeting specific job roles via LinkedIn, ClearBit can act as a great substitute. It registers your signups and gives you details about them, and also helps you identify prospects using patterns created by looking at your signups.


MadKudu alerts you of important events - like trial expiry - with the details of the customer in question, via your Slack channels. It also predicts patterns, like ClearBit and helps you identify high-potential prospects when they signup.

It also has purchase cycle phases programmed so you can determine when the best time is to make contact or push an upgrade.


This platform indexes events and notifies you of the ones that may affect your business. All kinds of events like disasters and expos are a part of the list, so you will be notified if a disaster will have any bearing on your business, or if there is an expo that might provide you visibility.

Event sponsorship is an important part of marketing for several businesses. With this tool, you can save your team the effort of having to manually search for these events and have them delivered to your Slack channel instead.


Content marketing is an important part of how you attract prospects to your web pages and convert them. With ContentTracker, you can monitor the performance of your content without spending too much time on it.

You can use the tool to monitor traffic, mentions, social shares and conversions via your Slack channels. The tool is also said to have A/B testing abilities.


If you have important keywords set on a keyword monitoring tool, you probably have alerts set up for them as well. Mention’s Slack integration can deliver that information to your Slack channels.

If you have opened up your social media pages to customer queries for service (which isn’t really an option anymore), you can @mention teammates on Slack to ensure that every last mention is attended to in time.

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