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Email VS Social Media Engagement

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 17 Aug, 2015
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Email Still Outperforms Social Media for Engaging Your Customers

With some exceptions, social media has really poor engagement rates (people clicking links and taking action). And many companies are wasting their precious marketing budgets on an audience that rarely sees their posts, and when they do, is distracted and often uninvolved.

The proof is in the numbers: email campaigns see 50-100 times the click rates that Facebook and Twitter do.

If you’re after traffic that convert, clicks, comments, opts-in, and takes a credit card out to actually buy your product- you can’t afford to ignore the power of email.

Take Max for example…

Max wants to start selling a personal finance product online. He is an incredibly successful financial advisor in his town, and he’d like to share his wisdom with a broader audience.

Max gets off to a good start by writing detailed and informative blog posts that are relevant to his target customer. Unfortunately, no one is reading his great content, so he looks to Twitter and Facebook to attract an audience.

He shares great articles and gives away helpful reports. Max even installs shiny new “like” and “follow” buttons to his homepage.

His following grows bigger every day but most of Max’s new “friends” are not clicking through to comment, opt-in or most importantly buy his product.

Now Max is starting to feel confused, frustrated and burnt out on this whole online business thing.

Max is not the only online business owner making this costly mistake.

What’s the solution? ... Build an email list.

From day one, Max should have focused on growing his email list. Email marketing absolutely demolishes social media when it comes to acquiring new customers online.

This infographic from Devesh Design will support my claims-- seriously it is hard to argue with these stats!

Look over my infographic below and if you want to learn more about growing an email list, you can read more about that here.

Email Engagement vs Social Media



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