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Which digital channels do online shoppers prefer? [#DigitalInsights]

Author's avatar By Susanne Colwyn 09 Jun, 2015
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A CapGemini survey of 18,000 consumers shows their preferences for apps, social media and other channels

Identifying how consumers interact with both physical and online retailers, their expectations and motivations to buy is important to any business. CapGemini's survey delves into this and explains how 'relevance' is crucial to meeting shoppers' needs and being aware that 'digital shoppers' (who use more than one digital channel along the purchasing funnel) have different needs and shopping behaviours.

CapGemini categorises shoppers into 6 groups; for instance the Social Digital Shoppers are confident in sharing their experiences and feel safe buying on their mobile devices. While shopping online, these consumers expect retailers to 'remember their details'.  Value Seekers, as it says on the tin, are influenced by price and obsessed with offers. You can read more about these types of shoppers in their report and Infographic below:
Digital Shopper Relevance Infographic

You can read more highlights in their slideshare. Even though its last year's results, we feel that the points are still pertinent around the psychology of consumer shopping across mature and high growth markets.

Digital shopper relevancy kees jacobs nov 2014 from Faces of Content


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By Susanne Colwyn

Susanne is a Marketing Consultant and Trainer, with over 20 years marketing experience in the public and private sector. She's passionate about supporting companies with practical result driven marketing, to help focus companies on evaluating and driving their marketing forward. Experienced in Integrated Strategic Marketing Planning, Data Segmentation, Customer Relationship Management Systems, Customer Insight and reviewing internal systems, data and processes, to maximise conversion strategies and the customer experience. You can connect with her via her LinkedIn or follow her @Qtymarketing.

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