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Does your organization have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy?

Our survey of digital marketers this year found that many businesses still aren't taking a strategic approach to digital marketing. In our Managing Digital marketing research in association with the TFM and the E-commerce expo, we asked last year "Does your organization have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy?", and only 51% of the respondents said yes! [si_guide_block id="43709" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Managing digital marketing in 2019 research report" description="Our research report explores the approaches businesses use to plan and manage their investments in digital marketing."/] This year we wanted to see if people are getting better at thinking strategically about their digital marketing objectives and putting that strategy into action. We asked anyone who works in digital marketing to take our survey on managing digital marketing, which we ran in partnership with the B2B Marketing Expo and the Marketing…

The importance of creating and using a digital marketing plan to support digital transformation and company growth

Where do you start if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy? It's a common challenge since many businesses know how vital digital and mobile channels are today for acquiring and retaining customers. Yet they don't have an integrated plan to grow and engage their audiences effectively. They suffer from the 10 problems I highlight later in this article and are losing out to competitors.

The challenges of creating a digital marketing strategy?

In my experience, a common challenge is where to start drawing up your digital marketing plan. I think there is a fear that a massive report is required, but we believe that lean planning works best. Your plan doesn't need to be a huge report, a strategy can best be summarized in two or three sides of A4 in a table linking digital marketing strategies…

What's needed for marketing success?

Getting the most from the many marketing opportunities available today is challenging because of the pace of change and continuous hype. In creating our new site, we wanted to offer advice which is structured to help all marketers focus their efforts. The blog format has a weakness that although posts are engaging, it's difficult to see the big picture of how they relate. To create structure we've created a series of 200 free quick guides "Hub pages" within our RACE framework to help introduce the main tools and techniques available to today's marketer.  We've picked out some of these Quick Guides below.

Our 10 success factors

Dan Bosomworth and I  went "back to basics" to work through what is needed for success. We've set out this in this manifesto. This is what drives us, what we advise, what we think gives companies a marketing edge. We'd like to…

Chart of the day: Technology adoption strategy for enterprise environments worldwide

Digital Transformation was the hottest topic of 2017 in the tech world, and the 2017 IDG Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker Survey showed that organizations were doing more than just paying lip service to that concept. An overwhelming 93% of the 752 IT and business decision-makers surveyed said digital business transformation is on the agenda at their companies, with more than one-quarter already having adopted a “digital first” approach within their organization. Organisations on a programme of continues improvement, often require the adoption of new strategies and technologies that modernise, integrate, and consequently streamline every touchpoint for customers, employees, suppliers and more. In doing so, the organisation reduces friction and thereby also increase the perceived value of their organisation. The adoption of new technologies can mean either completely replacing existing technologies, upgrading existing technologies, or adding to existing technologies. This depends…

What are the essential parts of a business plan template?

Understanding and creating different types of marketing plans and knowing when they are needed is essential to creating a thriving business. But it can be difficult to know which type of plan to use when and how best to structure them. In this article, we look at the essential parts of a business plan and show how to lay it out. Our new, free PDF download detailing the different types of marketing plans will help you structure different types of plan and gives recommendations on how to make them effective.

[si_guide_block id="95323" title="Download our free PDF download – Understanding different types of marketing plan guide " description="This download and our other free templates is for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of marketing planning with a few to gaining more senior roles."/]

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a formal…

Don't get left behind with your Digital Marketing Strategy, follow these 7 Steps to Brilliant B2B Marketing!

Many Business-to-business (B2B) companies are already successfully getting great results using digital marketing tactics like SEO, PPC, landing page creation, social media and email marketing linked to a CRM marketing automation system or a simple email autoresponse system. But often, B2B organizations are not getting the most from today's marketing since they don't have a planned approach based on an integrated inbound marketing plan. To create an infographic showing the latest research on how companies are using inbound marketing, we've researched how B2B companies are using digital marketing. The results across different studies show that while many companies are delivering brilliant results,  many could do more. Our updated infographic shows a planned approach based on our B2B digital marketing planning guide written by Rene Power and I for Smart Insights Business members. We originally published a similar infographic…

Chart of the Day: 39% of marketers don't think their organization's marketing strategy is effective

Having already looked at top priorities in organizations, marketing and sales priorities and challenges, it is now time to address whether above all else marketers feel marketing is effective. Seems ridiculous to think that marketers think marketing is not effective. Almost a whopping 4 in 10 (39%) of respondents believe that their organization's marketing strategy is not effective. This might be due to them not using and utilizing the correct marketing model that suits their business objectives and goals. You also need to integrate a variety of platforms to gain a wider audience reach, using just one model might not be effective.

Do you feel that your organization's marketing strategy is effective?

One respondent commented: The most disruptive force to affect my job in the next 3-5 years is the lack…

Marrying logic and magic pushes campaigns beyond the marketing noise

Today’s savvy consumers require authentic connections at precise points in the buying cycle. Brands that fail to consistently hit that mark will struggle to keep up. Instead of adding value, they end up just creating a busier, more confusing market. Finding these key points of connection requires you to get serious about data.

[si_guide_block id="37500" title="Download business resource – Managing customer data to improve ROI " description="Data is a vital element in any marketing initiative and the ability to access, understand, trust and utilise the information contained within your many data stores is an essential requirement for any business."/]

Nevertheless, data without a vision is like a bad teacher just quoting the textbook: It’s all there, but there’s no meaningful connection. Additionally, bad data costs the typical company up to a fifth of its revenue each year. It takes a human vision…

Unless you have been marooned on a desert island, chances are you know what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and have experienced the benefits of machine learning is having on customer experience and business operations

Despite being around for decades, AI is currently one of the most popular topics in business with Gartner predicting that by 2020 AI will be a top five investment priority for more than 20%  of CIOs. Join Joey Moore, Director of Product Marketing and Greg Moore, Manager for Personalisation and Campaign Strategy of Episerver for a practical webinar on The 3 key ways to improve the customer journey. AI is currently closing the gap between detecting patterns from large data sets and predicting intent (a role traditionally reserved for human marketers and merchandizers). AI-powered technologies are replacing the manual work traditionally completed by merchandizers to make product recommendations and marketers to make ad spend decisions. For…

The best digital marketing tips from 2017 at the 3XE conference

The 3XE Search – Digital Marketing Conference, was one out of a series of three educational conferences focused on different aspects of digital marketing. The event took place at Croke Park, Dublin, home to Gaelic Athletic Association, it provided an eye-catching and functional venue for the conference. Focusing specifically on Search marketing the day consisted of presentations from leading digital professionals from all over the world, broken up with selected workshops on how to plan and implement your digital marketing campaigns. The 3XE Digital series has grown massively over the last few years and has become a must-attend event for digital marketers. With a total of 15 presentations covering all elements of Search, the expert advice we picked up was second to none. A key theme throughout the day was the changing way in which consumers use search and the introduction of…

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