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User Experience is key to conversion [Infographic]

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 21 May, 2013
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If User Experience (UX) is a no brainer then why isn't it higher on the agenda?

There are many tools and resources available to help us ensure that the user experience is improved; whether its enhanced through  user testing, eyetracking research or third-party experience evaluation tools.

Vitamin's Talent's Infographic reminds us of the powerful impact of getting this right since:

  • 97% of websites fail at the UX due to a poor customer experience.
  • 86% of users give up as they feel companies don't care.
  • Developers spend 50% of their time fixing issues which could be avoided.

We also included this as an example of a full page interactive infographic.

Are you a UX statistic    Introduction

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