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7 mantras of Inbound Marketing [infographic]

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 04 Oct, 2017
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Create an inbound marketing strategy that facilitates lead generation and sales

Marketers who have learned the inbound methodology are already familiar with the complexities that are involved in formulating a holistic inbound marketing strategy. The starters in inbound marketing may know the concept and the components; however it becomes inevitable to get a pathway that leads to smooth execution of the campaign. The list of

The list of questions goes on when you decide to build a marketing plan – what to do, how to prioritize, what will work for your business model and how to implement the proper infrastructure, tools, and technology to facilitate lead generation via inbound. A robust plan could only help in differentiating between an amateur and master campaign.

Only 68% of marketers believe their marketing strategy is effective.

Whether you're new to inbound or feel that your existing inbound marketing campaign needs some direction, we have come up with a step-by-step process for creating a winning strategy. This infographic consolidates all the elements to provide a logical flow for effective implementation of inbound.

How will this help my inbound marketing strategy?

Inbound marketing is the process to travel across the web and pull only relevant prospects. The core aim of inbound is to educate and empower prospects to make informed decisions at various stages of the conversion funnel and become a part of your business. Inbound teaches us how to nurture visitors into leads and leads into customers. We have identified 7 mantras that make inbound free from clutter and you could ensure smooth execution:

  1. Define goals
  2. Identify audience
  3. Create/optimize digital assets
  4. Build visibility
  5. Generate leads
  6. Nurture leads
  7. Win customers

You will have the most systematic break-down of the whole inbound marketing system so that you can effectively carry out the activities on your desired platform. In addition to that, you could download a comprehensive list of tools to guide you throughout the inbound process. These are the most popular tools for their respective tasks and help you chant the inbound mantra like a real monk.

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