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Few businesses successfully integrating digital and traditional marketing [#ChartoftheDay]

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 26 Sep, 2016
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Many businesses are trying to integrate digital and traditional marketing, but only 1 in 20 have achieved full optimisation.

Today's chart of the day comes from our 2016 research into managing digital marketing, which asked 1096 marketers from around the world about their experiences of managing the challenges of digital.

One particularly important finding from the report was the poor state of integration between digital and traditional channels. There can be no doubting that this is important. Customers increasingly spend their time online and assess content digitally, making digital marketing ever more important. Yet some brands are starting to think traditional channels have become under-rated as a result and starting to question if they've over-invested in digital.

Whether one channel is more important than the other is an irrelevant question; clearly both are of immense importance and which one is more important will vary between businesses. The key thing is that they should be working together to drive the same message and goals. Yet we found 50% of businesses have no or limited integration.

And of those with some integration, most are merely at the stage of trying to integrate them but have not yet fully achieved it. Only 5% report having fully optimised the processes, so there is clearly a long way to go.


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By Robert Allen

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