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11 quick digital marketing fixes every small business or startup needs to know in 2017

Author's avatar By yvette bordley 27 Jan, 2017
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How to avoid the costly mistakes that plague small businesses

So... you’ve started your new business or start up and 2017 is going to be your year! But not wishing to dampen your enthusiasm there are several small business marketing mistakes that can lead to your untimely downfall. To help you prevent this We’ve put together a special guide for small business andstart-upss highlighting the common mistakes not to make this year.

Digital marketing excellence isn't just for big business. In our guide to small business digital marketing mistakes we've noted the top 11 digital marketing mistakes that are commonly made by small business.

The guide contains not only highlights the mistakes, but also gives actionable recommendations to help you fix the issues. Our top 10 covers all stages of the RACE digital marketing planning framework so you can easily add them to your digital marketing plans in 2017. Here's an exclusive peep into what's inside...

Mistake #1: You don’t have a written digital marketing plan

A staggering statistic - according to our latest research 50% of business don’t have a written digital plan. Admittedly most small business owners are too focused on running the business but it doesn't have to be that way.

Mistake #2. You are not doing market or competitor research

Understanding your market and the competition is a crucial business activity for any small business, startup or entrepreneur. Are you doing it?

Mistake #3 You want to be No1 in search engine results

A common mistake that often results in palm face with digital marketers. Many small businesses have unrealistic expectations about the time and return on investment from marketing particularly SEO. Times have changed a lot, get with it by avoiding outdated SEO tactics that can land you in hot water. There are many ways to improve your visibility through an integrated digital marketing strategy.

Mistake #4 You don’t have a Business listing on Google Maps, Apple Maps Connect or Bing Places

A Google My Business profile is an essential for local businesses and SEO. It’s free and will enable you to appear in local search results for searches specific to your products or services. Go the extra mile with Apple and Bing listings. We’ll show you how.

Mistake #5 You spend more time on Social Media than your website.

Yup it's the classic social media marketing faux pas - trying to be active on too many social media platforms or the latest shiny new one. Another common mistake is focusing on the wrong platforms. Use our guide to manage your social media activity effectively and with business goals in mind.

Mistake 6# Your website sucks or you don’t have one.

Many small businesses start out with websites built by their big brother in the spare bedroom. Don’t do it, just don't, full stop. Your website is the content hub for all your online goals.

Mistake #7 Not making the most of email marketing

So you think email is dead and your last disastrous email campaign open rate confirmed it. With 92 percent of online adults using email, and nearly two-thirds (61 percent) using it every single day, email marketing is still the main component of any effective marketing campaign. Get the basics right.

Mistake #8 You’re Not Optimised for Mobile

How often do you search the web or buy products on your phone? According to researchers mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%). The statistics are crystal clear, the world is moving towards semantic, mobile and voice search so don’t be left behind.

Mistake #9 Doing nothing to build links to your website

Unfortunately, many small business owners build a website then completely ignore the ongoing SEO and inbound link building process. While link building can be time-consuming and confusing to some small business owners there is little doubt that if your goal is to improve your online visibility, you need inbound links and quality ones at that.

Mistake #10 Spending too much time on brand or website perfection instead of clear positioning, messaging and a compelling story

Too many startups obsess over their product development, brand name, website too early aiming for perfection. We’ve got news for you - sorry, nobody is that bothered. Investing in perfection too early in terms of your brand assets will lead down the yellow brick road to a waste of budget.

Mistake #11 You don’t have Google Analytics set up.

Sadly, very common for small businesses. If you don’t track results, you really don’t know what's working for you - fact. At the very least have a basic analytics dashboard setup. Stop whistling in the wind. Download our guide to create data and performance driven analytics dashboards and KPIs for your small business.
Do these mistakes ring any bells? How many on this checklist make you want to say ‘guilty m’lord’ Want some quick fixes that make it a super 2017 for marketing your SaaS, retail business or start up in the New Year? You’ll find solutions to your marketing aches and pains from Smart Insights expert membership. If you are looking to skyrocket your business in 2017 get actionable digital marketing advice on what really matters.


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By yvette bordley

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