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A case study of using video marketing to enhance your brand and help CRO

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 17 Dec, 2012
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Read how and why RevZilla has produced over 1,800 videos clocking up 9 million video views

Video marketing is a rapidly-growing technique for increasing brand recognition and loyalty. In fact, according to this Fast Company article from Kerrin Sheldon, short-form video will become a dominant form of marketing over the next five to ten years.

Sheldon explains that the trend is gaining momentum due to increasing numbers of online video consumers, the growing use of marketing through social media, low barriers to entry, improved production quality, and enhanced distribution options.

Even large corporations are turning to online video marketing – for example, check out "The Single Life," a barely-branded video marketing effort from Dentyne. But small and medium-sized companies without huge advertising budgets can grow their brand through video marketing, too.

Producing online videos provides companies with a more meaningful way to interact with (and grow) audiences than traditional video marketing. For the most part, if given a choice, consumers will turn away from traditional advertisements. However, audiences are choosing to watch online branded videos, especially when the content is engaging and informative.

A case study of a motorcycle gear company RevZilla.com

We invest a lot in video marketing to build brand loyalty:

  • RevZilla has produced over 1,800 videos that provide product reviews and instructions for more than 17,000 subscribers around the world.
  • In just a few years, RevZilla has accumulated over 9,000,000 video views.


I'd describe our video strategies this way. We try to use video so that it is...

  • Short, engaging and lightly branded
    These videos provide information about products that RevZilla sells and direct viewers to additional information on the RevZilla.com website.However, the videos don't act like infomercials that scream "advertisement." The purpose of the videos is to provide viewers with information to make smart choices about products, not to try to force them to buy specific products.
  • Consistent
    RevZilla's 1800+ videos follow a consistent, host-driven formula that is both informative and engaging, which helps to grow audiences and brand loyalty. One or two online videos is simply not enough to create the kind of conversations that grow a brand. RevZilla's video's function almost like a series, which keeps viewers tuning in for the next installment.
  • Specific focus
    RevZilla positions itself as an expert on motorcycle gear, and it has successfully built an online video audience by focusing exclusively on what it knows best. Sometimes companies have achieved viral success with more emotional, less content-oriented videos, but having a specific focus and area of expertise is more likely to build brand loyalty over time.
  • Conversation
    RevZilla encourages conversation. One of the best things about online video marketing is that it gives users the opportunity to join in on the conversation. For example, this RevZilla video features the best products of the year, which were chosen in part based on user feedback.Also, check out the comment thread after this clever video highlighting October 2012 deals and products.


  • Representatives responsiveness to comments
    Representatives from the RevZilla team respond to comments (including negative ones) quickly and politely, instead of shutting down the conversation.Viewers also provide valuable feedback on the difference in style in this video, which featured a brief Batman spoof (they liked it!), and host Anthony Bucci offers a free t-shirt to whichever commenter can guess the team member who is dressed up as Batman in the video. This is a clear example of a fun, personalized type of interaction through online video that is likely to build brand loyalty over time.


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