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A new tool to aggregate and unify all marketing data sources

Author's avatar By Dave Chaffey 17 Oct, 2017
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Interview: Itamar Ben Hemo, CEO of Rivery

One of the many recurring questions we get asked at Smart Insights and in our member's Facebook group is, is there one platform that tracks and manages all ads and content across various distribution channels?

Monitoring performance of campaigns all in one place is a burning desire for many marketers - the idea being that it's much simpler than having separate tools. Our essential digital marketing tools wheel highlights the different options available across the Smart Insights RACE framework to help you review where you could make better use of these tools across the customer lifecycle.


A new data consolidation platform, Rivery, has launched a tool that collects data from all sources, including advertising, social, Google, email, internal data etc.) so it can then be streamlined and manipulated from a single source.

We spoke to CEO Itamar Ben Hemo about his new product and how it can help marketers record and evaluate campaign data.

1. What inspired you to create Rivery?

Marketing teams are dependent on an ever-increasing number of data sources to monitor, analyze and benchmark performance at a campaign and company level. These can be both internal databases or 3rd party tools such as analytics, advertising or CRM platforms that host an enormous amount of essential data, which is often siloed.

rivery platform integration

It can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming to develop integrations that will enable businesses to aggregate and align all their sources of data and that’s why Rivery was created as a ‘plug-and play’ solution that doesn’t require development, which helps businesses process, unify and host all their business and marketing data it in the cloud automatically - making it ready for insights, visualization or further analysis.

2. What are the core features that differentiate your service from the competition?

We’ve worked very hard to make our tool extremely simple to use. Unlike other platforms, Rivery is platform agnostic so our customer can use whichever cloud service they prefer (Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.) and we only act as a pipe, which means the data is always owned and hosted on our customers' cloud platform. In addition, we have the biggest list of readily available integrations with third party platforms and are constantly growing it based on our clients needs so if you need data from a platform we’re not supporting yet, we’ll make it happen!


3. What different applications or marketing activities do your customers use the tool for?

Large marketing teams and agencies are often siloed when it comes to campaign reporting and analytics - with different teams managing insights from Facebook, AdWords, Mobile Ads, etc. Many of our customers are leveraging Rivery to unify not only the data but also the way they streamline their business operations and reporting - with a single platform that helps them gain a unified and holistic view of their marketing activity without spending hours aggregating, sharing or comparing insights from multiple sources. This also has an enormous impact on their ability to make their marketing more agile and responsive.

The world of data and business insights keeps expanding and evolving, and yet marketing teams often to go through the pain of multiple manual processes that can (and should!) be automated. With this in mind, we designed Rivery ACTIONS – a new way for companies to activate their data by creating actions based on bespoke rules.

In essence, we are enabling customers to apply their business logic to data sources through Rivery. Some of our clients use is as a marketing tool to automatically start, stop, pause or change campaigns based on their KPIs. No need to wait days, weeks or months until someone else collects campaign data to be able to act!

4. Which data sources does your platform support?

We currently support over 50 data sources and the list is growing fast. We just launched brand new integrations for Facebook Pages data - a valuable source of data. Our customers really wanted to be able to gather more social engagement data on brand and competitor pages.

rivery integrations

5. Why do you think we’ve stopped hearing so much about Big Data these days, was it a fad?

While it might no longer be the buzzword it was 5 years ago, the Big Data and Analytics market is expected to grow from $130 billion in 2016 to more than $203 billion by 2020. The reality is that companies have more data than ever before and collating it, storing it, processing it and distilling the right insights is one of the biggest challenges for any marketer today.

6. How do the different pricing tiers of River work?

We work with every type of company - from smaller startups to marketing agencies to big enterprises. Because of this, our pricing is based on the volume of data processed with Rivery so our monthly packages range between $500 and $4,000 depending on the scale of a client's operation. This is helping companies unlock the power of all their data without spending tens of thousands on developing and maintaining integrations across all their data systems.

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By Dave Chaffey

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