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The state of Australian digital ad spending and why it matters

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 22 Apr, 2016
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AusAustralia's digial ad spend may be where the rest of the world is headed.

Australia currently has the highest digital ad spend per user in the world and by 2018 projections saw that more than 50% of their total advertising budgets will be dedicated to both online and mobile. As Australian marketers have increased spending in digital advertising, they have struggled to engage their consumers. Why is this you might ask? Studies show that 81% of all Australian consumers currently use ad blocking software so that as much as one in five consumers will not see any digital ads over a 30 day span. On top of all that Australia has the lowest click-through rates for banner ads throughout the world.

So you might ask yourself why exactly Australian marketers still continue to spend when their consumers are not engage through the digital medium. Australian consumers are buying more connected devices to suit their always-on lifestyle. They continue to spend more time on the internet than all other forms of media. From 2014-2015, the share of retail e-commerce transactions taking place on mobile grew by nearly 50% in Australia. As you can see Australians are increasingly utilizing their digital devices for shopping.

Australian advertisers face a backlash from consumers who think that a majority of the ads they see are irrelevant and annoying. This has caused a massive jump in the number of Australian consumers using Ad blocking software. To get more value from their digital marketing investments, Australian Marketers need more addressable media solutions that will help them be more relevant, target customers more precisely and improve overall advertising efficiency. Cross-channel marketing technology leader Signal has put together a comprehensive infographic that covers current Australian digital advertising trends. Take a closer look at the infographic to learn more.


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By Robert Allen

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