Increase leads and sales by using our full range of recommended tools and techniques to audit your content marketing effectiveness

Many content audits are limited by just reviewing SEO or making an inventory of existing content. These are both important, but to improve your content to make it more valuable to your business AND your audience, we recommend a complete 360-degree content audit [link] covering all aspects of content effectiveness. Our content audit is different since it helps you get more value from your content by improving each of these crucial elements of content effectiveness: SEO – increase rankings and technical quality of content for SEO Content coverage – a traditional inventory of types of content to identify new content needed Impact of content on leads and sales by integrating Google Analytics data and reviewing UX to make improvements to calls-to-action Content mapping to personas through the customer journey Audience opinions and feedback on…

How content marketing has evolved over the last decade

Content marketing has gone through a transformation over the past 10 years. As the pace of content marketing has grown exponentially, so too has the number of content marketing pieces being published online. This has led to a shift in the approach to content marketing and a continuous change of best practices. Taking cues from Google’s constantly changing algorithms, content marketers and SEO experts have changed their opinions on keywords, platforms, and the definition of quality. What started as a way to provide useful information to users slowly became a platform for link building and monetization. This has led to oversaturation and a generally lower standard of quality.

The current state of content marketing best practices advises against shallow and valueless content for the sole purpose of having content, opting instead for creating a content strategy which works towards…

The big mistakes that content marketers need to avoid when planning their campaigns.

While many are aware of the benefits and importance of content marketing in the interaction-driven online universe, some of us still forget the countless dangers that can cause your campaign to fail before it starts generating meaningful results. Content marketing works on a premise of building a relationship through value and intellectual or emotional connection. However, relationships need time and commitment which can render content marketing campaigns complex and messy. Tasks start piling up; team members lose sight of the goal and the initial infatuation with the project evaporates. To avoid going down the wrong path when planning your content marketing campaign, it’s essential you keep an eye on these risky areas:

1. Poor Management and Communication

Including weak managerial approach seems pretty obvious, but the obvious mistakes are usually the easiest traps to fall into. So, whether you are one person…

The growing deluge of content means you'll need a plan to cut through the noise in 2017

In digital marketing, you've probably come across the statement "content is king" several times. Make no mistake that content is the lifeblood of every essential online marketing activity. Be it social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, or paid advertising - none of these departments will succeed without the development of quality content. A study by Demand Metric reveals that 78% of CMOs believe that custom content is the future of digital marketing. However, successful content marketing is an intricate process that requires a lot of research and planning. Below are the crucial steps you need to prepare your content marketing strategy for 2017:

1. Specify Your Business Objectives

In every business endeavor, you need to set specific goals and objectives that will guide your day-to-day activities and ensure you're right on track. First off, make sure you…

The number of social shares per blog post suffers from a massive 89% decline over the past five years

Mark Schaefer originally coined the term content shock 3 years ago. Since then we've seen a massive explosion in the amount of content produced - an almost seven-fold increase -but a huge crash in engagement with each post. An October 2016 study by TrackMaven analysed over 65,000 blogs and found that the number of blogs produced increased by 800%, but the number of social shares per posts crashed by a massive 89%. We can see this huge drop off in engagement is impacting brand's decisions - the number of articles published has plateaued since August 2015. In an attempt to cut through, brands have been driven to creating not just more, but longer content. The average number of words in each post increased by 100 words, to 750 words per post on average. But…
This post examines common reasons for content marketing failure and introduces a 7 step content marketing strategy framework to mitigate the problem

Many businesses are now actively using content marketing, but it seems that there is potential for these initiatives to fail. According to the Smart Insights - HubSpot’s  Managing Content Marketing Europe 2016 research as many as 72% of marketers rated their content marketing as "limited," “basic" or "inconsistent.” 

In another survey from the CMI examining content marketing usage and effectiveness, a mere 32% of those polled describe their organisation’s content marketing as “sophisticated or mature”, with just 34% saying they are effective. 

In the same report, conducted by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, the effectiveness of B2B…

A visual guide to content marketing tactics which will become more popular this year

This year is going to bring changes to not only how content is consumed but also how it is published. Here are a few Content Marketing Trends which are going to usher in an exciting year for content marketing.

Social media

The rise of new publishing options on Social Media like Instant articles will bring more visibility for publishers. As Facebook tries to rival search engines to be the gateway for content, other “fringe” Social Networks aren’t far behind. Networks like, Snapchat, Instagram, etc which were once considered Fringe are now part of the mainstream. Content Aggregation, like Twitter’s Curator, will enable users to know about trends instantly and from one place. Paid social will also grow in importance. Social Networks have continuously reduced organic reach and pushed for their paid options to “boost” views. Paid Social is only going to…

New report reveals content marketing budgets, benchmarks and the key trends for 2016 in the UK and other countries

Content marketing is one of the most important component parts of digital marketing. Every year we survey our members asking what they think will be the most important marketing trends of the year ahead, and content marketing has come top for three years in a row and is predicted to be a top marketing trend of 2016, vying with Marketing Automation for the top spot. Each year the Content Marketing Institute survey a wide range of marketers working across many industries. This 6th annual survey is a large-scale survey overall since they surveyed 3,714 people from businesses of all sizes, you can see the full research which covers B2B, B2C and Not-for-profit businesses in the…

Use these 7 stats to help guide your blogging efforts

Blogging has been around for over a decade and a half, but it is has gone from being a niche activity to being catapulted into the mainstream. Business blogging has taken off over the past 5 years, and now the vast majority of large companies, both B2B and B2C are using business blogging. There is good reason for this. Blogging is an extremely effective marketing technique. Usually written by people within the organisation, they are thus cost-effective, as they cost nothing but time, and display your company’s skills, expertise or thought leadership. In addition they help project the voice of your brand and set the kind of tone you want your audience to associate with your brand. This infographic gives you some interesting stats as to how fast the number of bloggers has grown in the past 3 years, the percentage of…

Organise your content marketing to save time and deliver better results

Our Managing content marketing 2015 research with HubSpot showed that to deliver on the promise of content marketing, more competition means that you have to be more organised in managing content to produce more, better quality content: Nearly three quarters (71%) of businesses creating more content in 2015 compared to 2014 Only 12% feeling they have an optimised content marketing strategy But quality is still a challenge with 68% still rating their content marketing as basic or inconsistent So, in 2015, to run a really effective blog you need to produce a steady stream of quality content, that is relevant to your audience. It is also good if you can integrate upcoming blog posts with planned events, both within your industry and in the wider world. To improve quality, you need to focus efforts you can build the 70:20:10 rule into your content planning. This involves producing…

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