The big mistakes that content marketers need to avoid when planning their campaigns

While many are aware of the benefits and importance of content marketing in the interaction-driven online universe, some of us still forget the countless dangers that can cause your campaign to fail before it starts generating meaningful results. Content marketing works on a premise of building a relationship through value and intellectual or emotional connection. However, relationships need time and commitment which can render content marketing campaigns complex and messy. Tasks start piling up; team members lose sight of the goal and the initial infatuation with the project evaporates. [si_guide_block id="85326" title="10 marketing campaign planning mistakes" description="Avoid 10 of the most common mistakes we've seen people make when planning their next campaign with our free and actionable guide."] To avoid going down the wrong path when planning your content marketing campaign, it’s essential you keep an eye on these risky areas:


Content marketing should explicitly be about promoting the right content to the right audience at the right time in order to achieve your marketing goals

Whether you're creating content from scratch or refurbishing existing content, your goal should be to engage and entice your target audience effectively on different platforms and, ultimately, prompt action. Your blog posts, videos, infographics, contests and ads all need to be perfectly aligned with the buyer’s journey. This means you need to understand the awareness, consideration and decision stages. [si_guide_block id="70710" title="Download our Premium Resource – Content marketing strategy e-learning course" description="Use our course to step through the analysis, planning and implementation activities which will take your content marketing to the next level."/] However, it’s quite difficult - if not entirely impossible - to do this without having a documented plan that covers effective distribution of your content. At the same time, your content marketing campaigns may end up…

Repurposing content is an easy, often time-saving practice, that brings a plethora of benefits

Are you making the most of your content? Repurposing content – i.e. finding new ways to re-use your content – is an easy, often time-saving practice that brings a plethora of benefits: from reaching a new audience to saving time creating new content and improving your search engine optimization (SEO). [si_guide_block id="34016" title="Download our Premium Resource – Evaluating Content Marketing ROI Guide" description="This guide is aimed at helping you improve your confidence in the value of content marketing by stepping you through a range of techniques to help marketers evaluate and prove their content effectiveness."/] In this short guide, I’m going to show you how exactly you too can repurpose your content.

Audit your content

If you’re going to repurpose any of your content, you should ideally start with the best, most popular pieces you’ve already created: Blog posts and resources from…

Anything that affects the performance of content should be a content creator’s business (even if not directly)

Content makes the digital world go around. It helps drive greater traffic to businesses, generate lead growth, and improve conversion rates. But content that can achieve all that requires great planning and strategizing. En route content creators run into several roadblocks. By content creator, I mean anyone who creates content. That could be a dedicated team, a freelancer, or a new business owner who does all the digital marketing themselves, of which content creation is a part. [si_guide_block id="5651" title="Download our Premium Resource – Content marketing strategy guide" description="Less than half of businesses have a content marketing strategy, meaning they're missing out on the opportunity to plan, manage, and optimize their content marketing."/] With that in mind, I’m presenting a wide variety of challenges that content creators face. Some are specific to content creation, while others may…

Research into customer expectation and behaviour, quality and delivery method, when it comes to content marketing

B2B customers in the digital age have greater access to information. They are actively researching solutions and providers before engaging with a salesperson. As a result, content marketing is becoming more prevalent and receiving lots of investment. The interest in content marketing, however, has created tough competition and higher customer expectation. How can you make sense of all the trends in the content marketing world and make sure that your strategy will bring in results? [si_guide_block id="5651" title="Content marketing strategy guide" description="Read our 7 steps guide to content marketing for practical advice on how to develop a strategy to deploy content across all your online marketing. Less than half of businesses have a content marketing strategy, so get (and stay) ahead of your competition with our strategies."] Here are seven…

How do you create content that people actively look out for, and make sure that they’re able to find it?

Blog posts are great for your business. They drive traffic to your website, raise awareness for your brand and continue to generate inbound leads once they start ranking in Google – in theory, that is. In practice, it’s just as likely that your brand new blog post sees fantastic traffic numbers right off the bat...which die off quickly after the first week or so. In the world of SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, we call this phenomenon the Spike of Hope – which degenerates into the Flatline of Nope. This is what it looks like. What’s happening here is: your traffic spikes after you publish and promote your blog post (on social media, through your…

What makes a successful blog? If you think the answer is number of views, you may or may not be right

Some blogs are there to convert, others to promote awareness and some are there to encourage conversation. Regardless of what your metrics are for judging a blog’s success, one thing is for sure, you always strive to improve your performance. Majority of bloggers and marketers are judging a blog post on an individual level. While it does provide information on best and worst performing blogs it does very little in informing your strategy going forward. [si_guide_block id="85104" title="Download FREE Resource – Top 10 common content marketing mistakes" description="Grow your audience and build interest and leads by avoiding these common mistakes. With so much content being produced, it's important your content marketing strategy cuts through. Our content marketing mistakes guide reveals the most common mistakes, but more importantly what to…

Increase leads and sales by using our full range of recommended tools and techniques to audit your content marketing effectiveness

Many content audits are limited by just reviewing SEO or making an inventory of existing content. These are both important, but to improve your content to make it more valuable to your business AND your audience, we recommend a complete 360-degree content audit [link] covering all aspects of content effectiveness. Our content audit is different since it helps you get more value from your content by improving each of these crucial elements of content effectiveness: SEO – increase rankings and technical quality of content for SEO Content coverage – a traditional inventory of types of content to identify new content needed Impact of content on leads and sales by integrating Google Analytics data and reviewing UX to make improvements to calls-to-action Content mapping to personas through the customer journey Audience opinions and feedback on…

Chart of the day: Time is the biggest challenge when it comes to content marketing

Marketers have revealed time and quality are their biggest content marketing challenges according to research by Clearvoice. Time, content quality and creating content were the top three challenges, which suggest a perception of the number of resource marketers feel content needs. And right they are! Quality and effective content takes time, needs to be good quality and needs the appropriate resource to put aside this time and make sure it's great quality. Marketers recognise that it's quality over quantity and understand quality is the most important aspect. Production is also a big challenge for marketers, the resource involved in making it happen and getting it live and as someone who works full time in the production of content, it certainly is harder than you may think. …

How content marketing has evolved over the last decade

Content marketing has gone through a transformation over the past 10 years. As the pace of content marketing has grown exponentially, so too has the number of content marketing pieces being published online. This has led to a shift in the approach to content marketing and a continuous change of best practices. Taking cues from Google’s constantly changing algorithms, content marketers and SEO experts have changed their opinions on keywords, platforms, and the definition of quality. What started as a way to provide useful information to users slowly became a platform for link building and monetization. This has led to oversaturation and a generally lower standard of quality.

The current state of content marketing best practices advises against shallow and valueless content for the sole purpose of having content, opting instead for creating a content strategy which works towards…

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