What’s the secret to successful visual content marketing for finance brands? Find out with our 8 foolproof tips.

The finance world can be a tough place for a marketer. Creating inspired content that communicates brand messages, engages customers and keeps the compliance team happy is a tough nut to crack. But fear not - there is a way to tick each of those boxes, and it’s all about taking a visual-led approach. At Infogr8, we’ve found that telling visual stories delivers particularly brilliant results for finance brands. Combining the crucial strategic vision with user-friendly design opens up big possibilities for creative, shareable and high-impact finance content. [si_guide_block id="126716" title="Financial services example digital marketing plan" description="Content is only one aspect of digital marketing that finance companies need to consider. Give your entire digital strategy a boost by using our example digital marketing plan!"] Want to know how you can achieve this too? Take a look at…

Marketing your non-profit is essential to the success of your cause and luckily, the internet offers numerous possibilities – you just need to make the most of these opportunities

Non-profits and charities often have small budgets and few people to help with their marketing strategies. But without a good marketing strategy in place, how do you raise awareness of your cause? How do you attract more supporters and donors to help support your cause? Marketing your non-profit is essential to the success of your cause and luckily, the internet offers numerous possibilities – you just need to make the most of these opportunities. In this blog post, I’m going to share 3 effective strategies for non-profits and charities.

Advertise online…for free?

Google Ads can be extremely successful; they appear right at the top of search results so they’re the first result people see when doing a Google search. …

A headline can make or break your content

A good headline drives traffic, social media shares, and even helps (indirectly) generate leads. A bad headline, on the other hand, will get overlooked. There is too much amazing content being published every day and if you want to be able to compete with it, you not only need quality content that provides value, but also a headline that will make people want to click on your links, as well as share your articles with their own friends and followers. In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to write headlines that drive traffic.

Step 1: Use relevant keywords in your headlines

Keywords not only help with your search engine optimization (as those are the words people use to search for content like yours), but they also make it clear what your article is about. Even before you start writing a blog post or…

Chart of the Day: Almost half of content writers struggle to balance creativity with technical skill

47% of content writers say their biggest challenge is finding the balance between creativity and search optimization in their content. That’s the heart of this blog post, so that’s what it leads with – pulled straight from the pages of SEMrush and Content Marketing Institute’s research into the keys to content success, released in April. Content creation, from the writer’s point of view, is a constant struggle expounding the virtues of a product (its durability, value for money, luxury materials etc.), mimicking how people naturally speak, and what Google wants to see. Have you ever seen a movie and thought ‘that’s nice, by why is it called (blank)?’* That’s how Google looks at your content. Google doesn’t care about flowery introductions or that wonderful character-building moment you…

Chart of the Day: ‘Accurate and informative’ are most important aspects of online content

Everyone is always asking ‘what does good content look like?’ Turns out, people don’t mind what it looks like, so long as it’s accurate. A survey of over 1,000 adult consumers (for my money, the most knowledgeable of all consumers) from Adobe has shown that people put higher stock in the factual base of content than how it can be consumed, such as its simplicity or interactivity. There’s no doubt that videos and interactive landing pages can make your content memorable and shareable. They could even end up bagging your brand an awwward, being showcased as some of the internet’s most well-crafted content, but they won’t put you at the front of people’s minds when they want what has become the most valuable commodity of this century:…

Quora can be an incredibly valuable content marketing tool

In fact, Quora can help with multiple common content marketing goals, such as getting more traffic or boosting your industry authority – plus, it’s an extremely tool for research. But, more on that in a bit. In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to use Quora as part of your content marketing strategy.

What is Quora and why should you be bothered?

Quora is, as they put it, “a place to share knowledge and better understand the world”. In other words, it’s a place where anyone can ask and answer questions about pretty much any topic you can think of. People use Quora to ask for advice for their personal and professional lives, to get recommendations for products and services, to ask for strangers’ opinions on different subjects (both personal and professional), and much more. And, of course, people also use Quora…

A step-by-step guide to creating infographics to boost online engagement

We’ve all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. With the rise and domination of visual-driven social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, these words have never been more true. Increasingly, content creators are turning to easy-to-consume visual content like infographics to engage and inform audiences. For good reason, too - visual communication research suggests that images are more memorable than text and illustrations can aid understanding of text material, and studies on online behaviour reveal that posts on Facebook and Twitter featuring images produce much higher engagement than those without images. While the value of infographics in digital marketing is clear, working with a graphic designer to create custom infographics can be both time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, there…

Content creation ideas to boost your audience engagement

After all, that’s precisely why your brand should be investing in content marketing. Ask yourself and your wider organization -  is this why we’ve decided to embark on a content journey? It should be, it’s to build your own subscribed audience by researching, listening and creating or indeed curating content in whatever form that may take (blog article, graphics, video, presentation, slide deck) that answers the challenges to your particular audience.

[si_guide_block id="34016" title="Download Paid Member Resource –Evaluating Content Marketing ROI Guide" description="A guide to measuring, evaluating and reporting your content marketing performance."/]

Something where perhaps your brand can differentiate, reinvent and create a new opportunity in a crowded marketplace. In fact, content marketing continues to gather pace and a recent article by the CMI suggested that: "Content Marketing will continue its epic rise as one of the most preferred options for both B2C and…

Doing content marketing right: Insight from running a successful content marketing operations

TL;DR: Why I am such a believer in content marketing and how I run the entire process. What is the real effort (time) I put into each stage and what professional tools I love using? I hope this article will help you build an efficient content marketing operation that will satisfy, and impress your managers! Writing intros is one of my favourite things, so, please, take a seat and let’s get started... Overseeing a wide variety of tech marketing activities for many of the startups and tech companies we support in G2Mteam, as well as being involved in immense efforts around increasing awareness, boosting conversions, and ROI, all the way to lead nurturing, has taught me a lot. One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t really become the world’s top marketing expert, though you can (and many of us do) die…

Chart of the Day: Analysis of 100 million headlines shows which are most effective

You've written a great article, but now you need a headline. It's got to tempt people to click, it's got to convey its value. It can't be too long. It's got to fit nicely into a tweet or an email subject line. It can't be too dull, or too complex. It is a tricky business this headline writing, isn't it? Luckily the good folks at Buzzsumo have analyzed over 100 million different headlines and how many Facebook engagements each has generated. This gives us a tremendous insight into what headlines are the most effective. One clearly stands out from the pack: 'will make you'. This may be so effective because it established that the post will impart value for the reader. E.g. 'This will make you the best at X' or 'This will make you the coolest guy in the room'. It…

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