How do you know who isn't converting and how can you make the most of the data to bring them back to your site?

Have you ever looked at your website analytics in real-time and watched as people entered the site? To your excitement, some of them filled out a form and converted into a lead. I have, and it’s awesome seeing the 5-6% of people that make it through your website funnel pop out the other end. 

But what about the 94-95% of people who don’t convert? Most likely you’ve got a remarketing campaign setup, which is bringing some of them back. But is there anything else you can do?

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Real world examples of PR getting an account-based makeover

You ride on the ABM train because your destination is results town. Life is all about the names on your account list that you’ve converted into customers and the revenue you’ve brought in from doing so. There’s a beauty to this kind of commercial simplicity! Although the end point is succinct and straightforward, that doesn’t mean to say the process will be. You’ll likely have to flip, hack and mash your way through the age-old promotional mix in a way that befits an approach that operates with laserlike focus. This brings a neat blend of freedom and flexibility when you’re looking at the activities to deploy as part of an ABM campaign. One such area that’s been under the spotlight for me recently in helping companies with ABM strategy is PR: specifically account-based PR. Before we get into the detail on that -…

Find out the most effective steps that will help you grow your company and generate leads

With software development setting records every year, it is easy to see why SaaS presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs. But like in every other business, you need to have a sound plan if you want to grow. Luckily, new technologies allow for the creation of new software and enable companies in this niche to grow more rapidly. So, what are the marketing strategies that can help your SaaS business get the most out of its lead generation efforts? Take a look at our tips below. [si_guide_block id="5676" title="Download FREE Resource – Digital marketing plan template" description="Our popular marketing planning template built on the Smart Insights RACE planning system."/]

Content marketing

Everybody knows that content is the king. If that is so, why wouldn’t you use his majesty to attract more visitors to your website? The thing with content…

“Buyers are becoming more discerning and selective in the content they decide to consume”

As B2B purchases become more complex, it’s important to take a look at some of the latest B2B buyer trends in the market. Buyers are becoming more selective in terms of the content they consume, to make their buying decision. While B2B buyers continue to rely on trustworthy and credible sources, expert opinions and their peers to inform and educate themselves, their content preferences keep fluctuating over time, with various new content formats being introduced into the market. According to Demand Gen Report’s annual survey on content preferences, B2B buyers are “becoming more discerning and selective in the content they decide to consume”. Majority of the respondents (88%) said that content producers need to focus less on content around product specifics and more on…

10 CEOs share sales and marketing alignment tips through Account-Based Marketing

Sales and marketing alignment is one of the secrets to the success of any business. According to a recent study published by Celsius International, companies with sales and marketing teams that are aligned with each other have a 67% success rate in closing sales. Additionally, having an aligned sales and marketing team can help your business generate revenue 32% times faster than those that don't have an alignment.

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Despite the fact that companies recognize the need for sales and marketing alignment, the reality is that a lot of B2B companies struggle with this. In fact, 90% of B2B marketers admitted that aligning with the company's sales team…

Do you have a holistic testing strategy?

Testing is the best way to find out what makes your customers tick, but if you market across multiple digital channels, you must come up with a testing protocol for each channel: email, web, social media, retargeting, SMS etc. Or do you? And even though you already know that email is the hub of your digital marketing programme because you can use email addresses to identify and communicate with your customers across all your marketing channels, most email marketers are not performing the basics and testing their emails as stated in latest report from GetResponse “Email Marketing & Beyond: Global Industry Benchmarks 2017”.

What if I could show you that…

Testing via email can drive your multichannel testing programme and deliver insights across your entire customer database, thereby not only saving you time and money in driving traffic but…

Offline information sources remain important, supplemented by new online sources

High-value B2B purchase decisions are typically complex, involving multiple decision makers. They often involve interactions with sales staff to check the fit between product and service and what the client is looking for. Higher in the funnel, when purchasers are comparing the features of suppliers they will use multiple sources. This research from Global Web Index across a large sample of B2B buyers show the range of information sources that are used. These include both traditional sources such as sales presentations and direct mailing which remain important and newer techniques. For example, communities created by the business or independent communities are surprisingly important. Company pages are on social media are also used are slightly more important that trade ads today. The chart doesn't clarify 'relevant industry website', we can assume this includes both supplier sites and specialist industry news sites. 'News story' is…

Predictive analytics and consultative selling among the most important trends for B2B sales strategy in 2017

As a marketer, you’re more than familiar with the importance of closing the gap between marketing and sales. It’s been proven over and over that the more these teams talk, the better the results. Yet according to Aberdeen group, salespeople still spend an average of 440 hours a year searching for the right content to use. Furthermore, 65% of marketing content isn’t used by sales at all! When looking at the most popular sales trends for 2017, three are crucial when bridging this gap. These trends are most likely to inform your sales enablement content over the next year and beyond In this article, we’re going to analyse each trend to see not only how they will contribute to your sales enablement efforts, but your marketing strategy as a whole.

1. Subject Matter Experts will Play Salesperson & Marketer


How to avoid the common pitfalls of B2B marketing campaigns

As a marketer with practical experience within the B2B space as well as working as a trainer, teaching a number of digital marketing subjects, means I have direct access to marketers and business owners. I've noticed a number of issues and themes have appeared quite frequently over the last 12 to 18 months. When coming up with the 10 mistakes for this guide I brainstormed with Dave and his team and it was a much wider list! We boiled down to 10 themes that I have explored in detail, giving you some background into what they are and examples which you may sympathize with or are currently experiencing. The advice to tackle these issues includes a mini do to list to help shape your actions plans, and it goes without saying that there are more practical and detailed resources within the Smart Insights…

Chart of the Day: Delivering quality leads is the #1 objective for B2B marketers in 2017

Todays, Chart of the Day is actually compilation of charts from DemandWave's State of B2B digital marketing report 2017. They asked nearly 200 B2B marketers what they saw as the pressing issues and trends for this year. When asked what the #1 objective of their digital marketing was the top answer was "deliver quality leads". This is unsurprising, but also an important issue for B2B marketers who need to provide enough leads to keep the sales team busy, while also not having them chasing prospects that will never convert. The respondents were also asked which channels were a part of their marketing mix and Social media came out top with 95% saying they used Social to deliver their objectives with Email and Organic Search making up the top 3. …

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