Review your campaigns and learn how you can improve your digital media performance with our marketing campaign analysis tools

The process of setting up, brainstorming, planning, and ultimately delivering digital marketing campaigns is an exhausting, challenging, yet fun and extremely rewarding process. Once the campaign goes live, you can witness the fruits of your labor. However, all digital marketing campaigns must at some point come to an end and there is always one final step in the process: campaign analysis. Every company, brand, or agency will approach the end of a campaign differently, with some going into detail and others taking a much broader view. However whilst digital campaigns can be quite simple and straightforward, perhaps with maybe just one or two channels, others may be more complex and multifaceted. I, therefore, believe it’s always best to err on the side of detail so that you can get a true picture of how different…

If you want to achieve success with your marketing campaign, you’ll have to ensure that your every marketing effort is measurable.

Goals for your marketing campaign can be improving lead generation, increasing brand awareness, boosting your ROI, or anything in between. Whatever the case, measuring and analyzing your marketing campaign data will provide you with insights that will help you thrive. This is, naturally, easier said than done. The following measurement and analysis practices will allow you to learn exactly what went right and what wrong with your marketing campaign. The knowledge you gain this way will improve your future marketing strategies.

KPI Identification for your marketing campaign

If you want to track the performance of your marketing campaign, you’ll first need to identify your key performance indicators (KPIs). Which indicators you’ll track will depend entirely on your own marketing goals. Over 54% of marketers have the goal of increasing sales leads generated. …

How successful were brands in their 2017 Black Friday campaigns?

Each year, online retailers make new records during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping period. 2017 is no exception. ContactPigeon, a marketing automation platform for 200+ eCommerce brands, recently analyzed over millions of emails and eCommerce transactions for a sneak peek into how Black Friday 2017 has shaped up. The most interesting insights were summed up in an infographic. Key findings include: Online sales are record high: +14% revenue increase, compared to same 24-hour period on Black Friday 2016. More retailers are using email for Black Friday: +11% overall increase in total volume of emails sent on Black Friday 2017, compared with Black Friday 2016. Email marketing is still strong: Email alone as a channel makes up 23% of sales attribution on Black Friday 2017. Desktop is (still) the Black Friday king: Despite the growing mobile usage, the majority of…

How to start using advanced content analytics

Analytics, in general, is key to performance optimization. Getting accurate feedback on what is working and what not helps companies make improvements that will lead to better outcomes. And when content is the center of your business, Advanced Content Analytics becomes the center of your Big Data analytics. By now, most businesses have heard of the Advanced Analytics and how it can generate value from large amounts of warehouse and fresh data. But despite this, most marketers today are struggling to measure whether anyone is using their content, how often their content is used, how much their content engages customers, and most importantly – whether their content has any impact on sales. Advanced Content Analytics using today’s sophisticated tools and techniques can make it easier to measure the outcomes of your content.

What are analytics and what are their types?

According to RapidMiner, analytics is…

A beginners checklist of content marketing metrics

Content marketing is an excellent tool for generating leads and creating conversions. However, even the most thoughtfully planned out content marketing campaigns are rarely a home run. In order to get the most out of a content marketing campaign, you will have to make adjustments and improvements along the way. In order to determine where you should make these improvements, you'll need to monitor 10 important content marketing metrics I recommend. For other ways of structuring these in a frameworks see this article from Smart Insights on Content Marketing KPIs and this from the Content Marketing Institute on Content Marketing Metrics as part of a strategic approach to content marketing.

1. Bounce Rate

When a visitor clicks into one of your web pages and backs out without taking any further action, you have earned a bounce. A high bounce rate can indicate many things: The content on…

A review of alternative call tracking techniques and systems linking to a contact centre

In the online world, it should be much easier for marketers to understand customer behaviour. Although online advertising is still evolving, it’s cheaper than offline marketing; ecommerce allows for instant conversions; and online it is possible to track real time results via impressions and clicks. However, although the internet may be great for building smart customer profiles, businesses should not neglect the importance of human contact in the customer journey. A recent study found that 64% of people get frustrated when they can only interact with a company online. The phone, the unsexy cousin of the click, is still the strongest lead source for the majority of businesses. Therefore one of the biggest challenges for online marketers is in connecting…

How to assess the contribution of different communications touchpoints

In my last post for Smart Insights I published a complete list of today's channels. Thanks to some comments and suggestions , the channel list has reached 106 channels so far. 95 of these are suitable for marketing purposes be they physical, digital or a bit of both. This is the way they break down.

[caption id="attachment_32020" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Venn Diagram of Marketing Channels[/caption]

Naturally there are at least two questions that arise when faced with such channel choice.

Firstly, how do you pick which channel to use? And then secondly, how do you measure the combined performance across channels? The latter question of course relates to the tricky issue of attribution - the apportioning of sales revenue to the channels that lead up…

Mastering 'actionable data' in your organisation

'Actionable Marketing Advice' is our 'mantra' at Smart Insights, since we are passionate about helping our colleagues to develop their businesses and personal skills, to get results from integrated digital marketing.

We believe that using insight from research, analytics and transactional systems can play a big part in improving results, if  the right Systems, Processes and People are in place to  source and integrate data, understand it and apply it effectively.

This Infographic from Monetate highlights 4 key points to 'mastering actionable data', along with highlighting the obstacles which may be familiar:

1. Compile all of your stats. Perhaps 'Stat's is the wrong word, as it should be 'Insight' as we are not producing Averages or Normal Deviation charts. As the Infographic points out its collecting data available within the company and more to create a 'portrait of your customers'.2. Appoint a Data…