When it comes to your blog SEO, which type of domain is the best option? We've taken a look.

Where you host your blog relative to your main site is one of the more important decisions involved with setting up a blog. If you get the decision wrong, you may fail to get the hoped-for SEO benefits you have worked hard to convince your colleagues about. But, if you get it right you can almost immediately see new, incremental visits you wouldn't have attracted without the blog. [si_blog_banner_cta]

The three main blog hosting options

The three options are straightforward. Let's take some examples: 1. Subfolder - http://www.domain.com/blog e.g. http://www.econsultancy.com/blog 2. Subdomain - http://blog.domain.com e.g. http://blog.zopa.com 3. Separate domain - http://www.newdomain.com e.g.  I can't find a good example - can you?

So which is the best blog hosting option for SEO?

I often ask this question in my SEO classes and ask for…

Effective internal linking plays a vital role when it comes to improving user experience and SEO - here are seven ways to maximise the use of your internal links

Links are what makes the web...well, a web. It's the intrinsic connection that brings millions of web pages together and minimises the degrees of separation between different pages. It is, of course, the interconnectivity of the internet that created the web analogy in the first place - so it's only fair that we write an article that tells you how to make the most of your internal links, right? [si_guide_block id="134895" title="SEO report template" description="One of the biggest mistakes you can make is using too much of your time looking at data and not enough drawing meaningful and actionable conclusions from it. When looking at SEO analytics, follow our SEO report template to quickly conduct a thorough review of your site's…

Guidance and examples for Buying Guides relevant for other sectors too

‘Buying Guide’ or 'Buyer's Guide' content are a common SEO tactic particularly amongst retailer ecommerce sites, but they can be used in other types of site too such as financial services. They're popular since they tick many of the boxes for effective on page SEO. They're naturally rich in keywords, dense in character count and recognisably original, it’s an easy target to hit on your SEO checklist. They also enable you to link to your main target category and popular product pages with relevant anchor text, so boosting their effectiveness.

Potential customers also love Buying Guides, since, done well, they’re a great research resource in the early ‘information gathering’ stages of the purchasing decision process.

If they provide great advice and a good experience in navigating them,…