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Monitoring the right KPIs is the best way to avoid spending time and money on something that isn’t driving the expected profit

Is your SEO strategy effective enough? How can you ensure your efforts drive tangible results? What can you do to develop your website performance? Tracking the right performance metrics, you’ll be able to answer all these questions. KPIs work as a control system that lets you identify which tactics work and which don’t. What’s most important, monitoring the right KPIs is the best way to avoid spending time and money on something that isn’t driving the expected profit. [si_guide_block id="107298" title="Read our Business Membership resource – Big book of marketing KPI benchmarks" description="This handy guide will help you improve your return on marketing by applying thoughtful, targeted benchmarks and forecasting to your day-to-day marketing activities."/] In this article, I’ll highlight 10 critical indicators marketers should pay attention to.

1. Organic traffic

This KPI measures how…

What should a client-side marketer look for when evaluating an agency SEO proposal?

One of the key decisions many companies must make in regards to search engine optimization (SEO) is the decision on whether to create and build a team in-house or to work with an external agency or consultant(s). There are pros and cons to both approaches and many businesses often choose to go with a combination of the two: create a team in-house and work with external advisors to support best practice and on-going guidance. If a decision is made to work with an SEO agency there are several steps to be taken, including the selection of a range of agencies and later the management of a pitch process that is covered in other articles and guides from Smart Insights included in the Agency Toolkit. [si_guide_block id="42338" title="SEO proposal template" description="Quickly create…

The May 2020 core update highlights how different types of businesses are affected.

In the past, Google created and publicized named algorithm updates like ‘Panda’, ‘Penguin’ and ‘Hummingbird’ focused on introducing a major change to improve results quality. Google was fairly open about the goal of an update and the impact it could have. Today, named updates are less common, instead, you will probably have noticed that Google makes several ‘Core updates’ each year that it may announce through its Search liaison Twitter channel or its Webmaster Tools blog. In May we have seen a core update notified as usual via the Google Search Liaison Twitter channel that we recommend you follow: Source: [si_guide_block id="80207" title="Download our Free Resource – 10 business-limiting SEO mistakes" description="all ‘hands-on’ marketers need to understand the main factors so they can ask the…

Applying common sense when optimizing your content for SEO and readers

Myths of good and bad practices in online marketing tend to be shared and reshared and can become self-perpetuating, so it can be confusing for newcomers to online marketing to understand what will work and what won't. Given the importance of SEO and the many ranking factors, it's not surprising that many myths have developed. I hear many of these SEO myths daily, so in this post, I hope to separate some of the facts from the fiction, specifically related to copywriting for SEO, highlighting the most common myths we are still seeing and how to avoid them. [si_cta_banner id=151860]

1. Insisting on 'keyword density'

Believe it or not, I still receive requests from clients for a specific percentage of keyword density in their copy. I always strongly advise against it [Editor's note - not a surprise, we were asked about the Recommended keyword…

Tracking all the usual metrics can help you measure SEO performance, but there are 3 other metrics you probably aren't tracking that could help make a big difference

SEO is all about generating organic traffic to a website and ensuring that the acquired organic traffic converts well. As an SEO professional, you're probably already be tracking a number of metrics, such as organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, keyword rankings, backlinks earned etc. But, there are three metrics that most SEOs aren’t tracking but they really should be. [si_guide_block id="87442" title="Check out our Quick Win – 3 killer techniques to boost SEO" description="Here's three simple methods to give your website a huge boost in Google rankings - helping you gain more traffic and grow your audience. Start making a difference today."/] Let’s learn what’s these three metrics are and how to track them:

1. Organic traffic 'quality'

Organic traffic quality is a better metric to track…

Learn how to estimate your share of search for different keywords using Google Search Console, and how to perform a gap analysis to find your SEO gaps

Making better use of organic search has become particularly important in the 2020 pandemic where many businesses don't have the budget available to put into Google Ads or social ads. The gap analysis technique we will explain in this article is powerful in identifying new opportunities to increase organic traffic. Since search engines first became popular, search engine marketing has offered a fantastic way for businesses to grow awareness and sales as people search for their products and services. What better point in time to reach your target audience if they have a defined need? This recent marketing channel benchmark from search analysis service Brightedge shows that across different B2B sectors, both organic and paid search are major traffic drivers. …

Communicating relevant and meaningful site content to your audience is about way more than the keywords you target.

Yes, you heard me. SEO is not all about keywords and spending every waking hour tracking the algorithm changes until you’re blue in the face and more confused than when you started. Google has always been clear about its stance on providing meaningful content. So, instead of scrutinizing the technology behind the search, marketers really need to start directing their efforts towards prioritizing the content above the technology. It’s about providing communication between your brand and your audience’s needs and this is where priorities should lie in 2020 (and should have always lied in the previous years). Articles that are written and then copy checked for SEO second are fundamentally incorrect from their beginning sentences. If you write a blog, an article, a white paper or any form of content without your audience’s search intent…

How to rank higher on Google and what to do if your traffic suddenly drops

Everyone knows the importance of providing consistent and high-quality content on your website but determining what quality content actually looks like can be a bit tricky.


Because quality is subjective, of course, and while one person may enjoy one particular style of content, another may find it too long, not relevant enough or simply uninspiring.

Then, of course, you have Google. The Holy Grail of search engines. Everyone wants their content to rank highly on the site that receives over 63,000 searches every second.

That’s around two trillion searches per year by the way.

[si_guide_block id="11668" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – SEO strategy audit checklist" description="This SEO strategy audit checklist gives you a comprehensive list of activities to grade your organization against. By completing this checklist every three/six months, you'll be…

Voice search is an important marketing trend, with consumers wanting convenience when searching

Voice search is the future of online marketing. If your business is not optimized for voice searches, you cannot expect to reach your audience and achieve its growth targets.

The digital marketing landscape is ever-evolving, with strong new trends emerging time and again. Voice search is one of the prominent trends coming to the forefront. The reason is obvious - users love the convenience of searching by saying the search terms rather than typing them.

With the voice search trend set to grow even bigger, embracing voice search becomes imperative for every business. To benefit from voice search, there are SEO innovations to be put in place. But before delving deeper into optimization strategy, let us talk about the basics.

What exactly is voice search?

As the name suggests,…

Google is transforming from a search engine to an answer engine, which you should use to shape your SEO strategy for the year ahead

These days we are witnessing the biggest evolution of Google as we know it. Google is transforming from a search engine to an answer engine. That evolution is bringing new challenges to online publishers and businesses changing our marketing priorities and goals. We went from this: [caption id="attachment_149977" align="aligncenter" width="645"] [Image Source][/caption]

to this:

in a matter of seven years. As you can see, there are fewer organic results and more answers in the above-the-fold part of search engine result page. [si_blog_banner_cta]

Google is the answer engine

Google is planning to become the ultimate answer engine and we find the evidence of that in its recent patents,…