A real-world example of what works for LinkedIn Advertising

What did we do?

I recently launched a B2B social media campaign on LinkedIn and since I noticed there were relatively few live examples, I thought I would share what we found worked or not to help others who are wondering “is it worth it?” and “how do i do it?”. The background to the campaign was that we had launched a new service for recruitment professionals and we wanted to build brand awareness to associate ourselves with the service and get signups to the service. You will have noticed I can’t be too specific about the service for confidentiality reasons, but I can be more open about how we optimised the ads which I’ll share at the end of the post.

How did we do it?

We were featuring four different products on our website. These were built as Landing Pages with…

A simple introduction to display advertising optimization through Google

Value: [rating=4] Our commentary: Since the acquisition of DoubleClick Google has worked at integrating it with its other services such as Google Analytics etc. A more recent integration is into Google's Website Optimizer which allows you to run A/B split tests and easily report on the results. Following a similar theme, this tool from Google allows you to effectively manage your display advertising on the Google Display Network based on goals you dictate which means it can include on site activity such as sales or sign ups. Checkout the video below for more information about the concept and announcement. Recommended link: Annoucement of Display Campaign Optimiser…

I find many articles are cynical about the value of RSS feeds for marketing their own services or for advertising in third party sites. But what about those in the know - the Feed marketing specialists? In this interview I talk to Bill Flitter, CEO of Pheedo who pioneered RSS advertising back in 2003. Today, Pheedo are a major provider of in-feed RSS advertising services for publishers like Wired and Ziff Davis and are used by clients such as Cisco, Ford and Microsoft. As well as explaining why feeds are important and the feed advertising options, in this article, Bill has some great advice on using feeds for marketing too.

How does advertising in Feeds work

1. Let"€™s start with the basics. How does advertising in RSS feeds work for the…