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The May 2020 core update highlights how different types of businesses are affected.

In the past, Google created and publicized named algorithm updates like ‘Panda’, ‘Penguin’ and ‘Hummingbird’ focused on introducing a major change to improve results quality. Google was fairly open about the goal of an update and the impact it could have. Today, named updates are less common, instead, you will probably have noticed that Google makes several ‘Core updates’ each year that it may announce through its Search liaison Twitter channel or its Webmaster Tools blog. In May we have seen a core update notified as usual via the Google Search Liaison Twitter channel that we recommend you follow: Source: [si_guide_block id="80207" title="Download our Free Resource – 10 business-limiting SEO mistakes" description="all ‘hands-on’ marketers need to understand the main factors so they can ask the…

Learn how social media giant Facebook has outlined a range of new video tools across its family of apps to help its members stay connected!

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced via a Facebook Live Stream a series of new tech innovations that will feature across Facebook's portfolio of social media app platforms.

What are the new social media video tools announced by Facebook?

As the majority of us are now interacting and engaging with our connections in a virtual way. Facebook is planning on stepping up its game to enhance the experience and social reach of its platform by providing more tools for people to connect and engage with.

So here's what's new...

Group video calls on WhatsApp from - Facebook will soon double the capacity of group video calls on WhatsApp from 4 to 8 participants. New effects tools will be introduced on Facebook Messenger to improve or alter your…

Learn how social media app TikTok has launched 'Small Gestures'

A new brand collaboration and engaging gift-giving initiative by the social media platform - TikTok, has been launched to help spread positivity within its community and open new opportunities for its platform...

What is the latest social media innovation with the new 'Small Gestures' gift-giving initiative on TikTok?

We often find that many of us appreciate a simple gesture or small gift from a friend, colleague or family member. Especially during recent weeks, identifying ways that can help us stay positive, can go along way. Staying positive whilst social distancing and not being able to maintain our physical connections, like we normally do, increases the importance for social media platforms, to increase innovation, to engage their communities with. [si_guide_block id="5768" title="Download our Business Resource –Social media marketing strategy guide" description="Our social media strategy guide will help you create an integrated social media…

Legislation from Facebook and advice from Google to inform your marcomms. Plus, from Dyson to Prada, discover the manufacturers stepping up amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Guidance for navigating your campaigns through COVID-19

Google has published guidance for marketers on navigating COVID-19. The one-page document outlines considerations such as: Tone Imagery/assets Adapting Google Ads Other Google tools which may help Google doesn't have all the answers, but, even if you only take away one thing from this article, I strongly recommend allocating yourself 10 minutes to read this guidance and just double-check that your COVID-19 marketing plan is in line with advice from the top.   Still working out your company's response to COVID-19? You're not alone. Last week, Dr. Dave Chaffey published a free Smart Insights guide Creating a marketing action plan for a recession, to help inform strategy…

Smart Insights members and followers have been discussing positive brand responses to Coronavirus which have moved us and impressed us.

We hope you will find this summary of some of our favourite responses below helpful. It may even spark a new idea for your business to help you weather the global economic impacts of COVID-19.

Social media giants' joint industry statement - Stu Miller

To me, the single best response has been the big social networks agreeing that ensuring truth of information on their platforms is incredibly important - especially at this time. We can only hope that this remains the case once COVID-19 has passed - it's long overdue!

Free access to and guidelines from forward-thinking online events platform - Tiago Caramuru 

InEvent has opened free access to its software…

Facebook and Instagram issue rallying cry for social media marketers to meet customers on their terms, Shell investigated over "drive carbon neutral" claims, UK 2020 Budget and what it means for marketers

Welcome to this week's news roundup, where we're taking a look at a couple of important social media updates, a key investigation into a fossil fuel company's bold "sustainability" claims, and what the UK 2020 Budget could mean for marketers both within the UK and internationally.

IGTV re-sharing live videos update

Breaking the 60-second limit, Instagram’s IGTV - the vertical video platform for influencers, brands and fans alike - has made headlines this week.

After a rocky start (who wants to be the first to produce an hour of content for their followers?), Instagram has made a number of strategic decisions to increase IGTV traction. By introducing IGTV previews into users’ Instagram feeds, it attempted to bridge the gap between…

Coronavirus impacts business operations across the globe, a swathe of marketing events have been canceled or moved online, ASA addresses volume of gambling ads, impressive new O2 campaign makes customer “Headline Act”

You guessed it - the theme of the day is coronavirus! You may be fed up with hearing about it but it’s here to stay; impacting global the economy as well as businesses' operations. Elsewhere, we’re seeing marketing summits and conferences from the likes of Google and Adobe scrapped or moved online in the wake of the spread of the virus. We’ll also take a look at the ASA’s attempts to curb the negative effects the gambling sector may be having on the advertising industry as a whole. There’s also a new campaign by mobile network giant O2 that does everything right when it comes to continuing the brand’s focus on customer experiences.

Businesses seek to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus

With Coronavirus spreading…

Low confidence in tech companies stopping political influence, LinkedIn testing Stories, Facebook bans coronavirus ads, Pinterest launches Lite app globally, Facebook sues for data misuse

This week has brought with it a lot of social media news, including the fact that most Americans don't trust tech companies like Facebook to stop misuse of platforms in the run-up to the US presidential election. In other social media news, LinkedIn has announced that it is currently testing its own version of Stories. Facebook has made the decision to ban adverts on the platform that seek to profit from coronavirus. Pinterest has launched the Lite version of its app globally and Facebook has lodged a new lawsuit for misuse of data. We've got all the details in this week's news roundup:

Lack of trust in tech companies being able to stop political manipulation

Almost three-quarters…

Facebook told to conform to EU regulations, Snapchat launches mental health feature, Amazon advertising budgets to increase, LinkedIn Sales Navigator Gmail extension shutdown, New Twitter Threads feature

This week has seen Facebook's calls for lighter regulations rebuffed by EU regulators who have told the platform it needs to fall in line. Snapchat is hoping to improve wellbeing on its platform with the introduction of a new feature. [si_blog_banner_cta] Advertisers on Amazon are set to increase budgets this year as the platform saw strong revenue growth in 2019. LinkedIn is to shut down its Sales Navigator Gmail extension in March. Finally, Twitter has introduced a new feature for Threads but people are still moaning about the lack of an 'edit' feature for tweets. We've got all the details in this week's news roundup:

EU regulators tell Facebook to conform to standards

Facebook has been told that it needs to work in-line…

Adverts have 'positive impact' on society, LinkedIn hits new records, Google announces new chatbot development and Facebook sees income slow

Although last year saw confidence in advertising take a tumble, it seems as though the UK public believes that adverts can have a positive impact on society. In positive news for LinkedIn, the platform has reported a new record in terms of total members, as well as huge increases in engagement. The news isn't as positive for Facebook though, as it has seen net income fall following a number of privacy scandals. Finally, Google has announced that it is working on a new chatbot system that better matches and understands human speech, which could transform the chatbot industry. We've got all the information on each of these news stories below. [si_guide_block id="98899" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Paid media and digital advertising playbook" description="This paid media planning guide will provide marketers with a structured…