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ASA bans first ads under new gender stereotyping rules, Facebook seeks to eradicate hate speech and misinformation, zero-click searches surpass 50% of total Google searches and online 'brand safety' remains a cause for concern

This week's roundup is a mixed bag full of important developments from across the marketing spectrum. First up, we'll take a look at the ads which have taken the prized accolade of being the first to fall foul of the UK Advertising Standards Authority's new, and much stricter, rules around gender stereotyping. Facebook's efforts to clamp down on dangerous, inappropriate and offensive content is also showing little sign of slowing, but recent announcements have done little to reduce the pressure on the firm. We're also looking at an interesting study for search marketers, as Q2 saw more than 50% of Google searches start and end without a click-through, making it the first-ever quarter in which the majority of Google searches…

Google file for a patent to retrieve images of users on their smartphones, launch Gallery ads in Beta, podcasts now playable in SERPs and the ASA issue another warning to Love Island influencer

What do you need to know to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of online marketing? In this roundup of the latest news across SEO and social media, we'll be taking a look at the headlines this week that has everyone talking.

Google file for a patent to use a smartphone camera to look at the expression of the user

Yes, you read that correctly - it's a step towards using biometric parameters as a ranking signal... In the most shocking news that I've read recently, SEO specialist Bill Slawski revealed that after keeping an eye on patent applications from Google, one has now been filed that wants cameras on smartphones to be able to monitor and retrieve images based on…

Pinterest's new shopping features, Twitter's drag and drop function, GDPR issues for Facebook's Like button, Twitter's Q2 growth and Facebook's streaming aspirations.

There have been a few social media updates as platforms release new features and update functionality. Pinterest has launched two new features that put more focus on online shopping rather than social media and making it easier for e-commerce brands to drive sales through the platform. Twitter looks to be testing a new drag and drop feature that will make ordering images within a tweet much easier. The platform has also reported strong Q2 growth. A new ruling could mean that website owners are responsible for the data collected by the Facebook Like button under GDPR rules. Facebook has also reportedly contacted streaming services about making their services available through a new device. Find out more about these stories with our news round up.


Omnichannel is the preferred marketing method, Facebook sees app usage decline, Instagram testing new Stories notification list, Pinterest launches Mobile Ad Tools and Facebook reaches $5 billion data privacy agreement

Facebook has had a bit of a busy week, with internal research looking at its app's decline going public and the $5 billion US Justice Department fine being confirmed. On top of this, the platform has also agreed to a raft of new data privacy measures with the FTC. In other news, research has revealed that consumers from all generations prefer an omnichannel experience rather than just a traditional or purely digital approach. Instagram is reportedly testing a new type of notification list for Stories, which could be a sign that new features are on the horizon. Pinterest has also launched new features, with its latest ad tools allowing brands to create advertising campaigns on the go via mobile devices for the first time. Read…

Twitter's new design, Amazon anti-competition investigation, UK digital tax plans, Facebook's scam ad tool, Instagram removes like count

This week has seen Twitter launch it's new design for desktop users, with the jury still being out on how it is being received. Amazon is set to face a probe to see if it is using third-party seller data unfairly. The UK government has announced that it will push ahead with a plan to tax tech giants more going forward. Facebook has responded to a lawsuit by introducing a new tool for reporting scam ads in the UK. Finally, Instagram is testing out the removal of it's like count in six new areas. Get more detail on all of these news stories below in our latest news roundup.

Twitter updates desktop site

Twitter has updated the look of its primary desktop website in a bid to improve personalization…

Facebook faces data transfer challenge, British Airways fined for GDPR breach, Facebook is reducing reach of exaggerated health claims and Instagram launching anti-bullying tools

This week has seen Facebook facing another challenge over its users' data and GDPR implications relating to its transfer of data to US servers. British Airways has also received a historic fine following a hack that breach GDPR rules. In more Facebook news, the platform is limiting the reach of ads that feature unsubstantiated health claims. Finally, Instagram is launching new anti-bullying measures in an attempt to make the platform safer. Find out more about these new stories in this week's news roundup below.  

Facebook faces data transfer challenge

Facebook is being challenged over its method of transferring data from the EU to the US for business purposes. According to the Irish data protection commissioner, the way in which data is transferred does…

Facebook changing business Page info, the CMA investigating impact of digital advertisers on consumers, Twitter's updated search results and MPs call for digital political campaigning electoral law changes

Following the excitement of Google's updates last month and several changes to social media platforms, the start of July seems to have been fairly quiet. It seems the marketing world is taking the beginning of this month at a slower pace, which is reflected in the big news stories of the week. This week comes the news that Facebook is scrapping some of the Pages info sections on August 1st, so you need to get these updated. A UK government agency is launching an investigation into the possible harm that digital advertisers could be doing to consumers, which could have huge implications for platforms like Facebook and Google. Twitter has added some more context to search results in a bid to make…

Google to launch RCS messaging, brands failing at acting on social purpose, influencer marketing under fire, TikTok explodes in China, Facebook Top Fan targeting

We've taken a look at some of the news stories you should know about this week, including: Google made an interesting decision when it announced that it was no longer waiting for phone makers and networks to roll out RCS messaging. The tech giant is set to make the improved messaging service available for select Android features by the end of the month after a lot of delays. A survey has revealed that while social purpose is important to brands, they are failing to walk the walk when it comes to actually putting initiatives in place. This could ultimately leave to issues when attracting both customers and talent. Influencer marketing has come under fire after it was revealed that a 'surprise' life event was actually part of a marketing opportunity,…

Survey shows 72% of LGBTQ+ community believe their representation is tokenistic, Facebook announces new cryptocurrency, Instagram looks to other companies to collectively tackle cyber-bullying, Global Alliance for Responsible Media, Voice Coalition announced

Welcome to our weekly rundown of the week's biggest news stories in what has been another busy week in the world of digital. First up, we’ll be looking at research carried out last month that has shed new light on the way LGBTQ+ advertising is perceived, principally among members of the community themselves. Facebook has also announced plans to develop its own cryptocurrency in what could cause some serious tremors throughout the global banking system. Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has also declared that bullying is not an issue that the Facebook-owned platform will be able to tackle alone. If you’ve been keeping up with all of the events at Cannes Lions this week, you'll know that some of the world’s biggest brands…

Google changes search results, Instagram has fastest growing brand value, video is most engaging in-app ad format, Facebook meeting with anti-censorship groups, YouTube cracks down on white supremacist content, TikTok testing new ad targeting tools

One of the biggest updates recently - besides Google's algorithm update - is the news that the search engine will be changing how search results are displayed, which could drastically affect traffic numbers. Other stories have seen Instagram be announced at the fastest growing brand in terms of value, topping Amazon. When it comes to in-app ads, video has been found to be the most engaging in a new study. Facebook has faced more protests about its censorship of female nipples but the platform has now agreed to meet anti-censorship groups to discuss the issue. YouTube has followed in Facebook's steps to take a harsher stance on white supremacist and Holocaust denier content. Finally, TikTok is reportedly testing new tools that…

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