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About Dave Chaffey

Dr Dave Chaffey is the co-founder and content director of online marketing advice publisher Smart Insights

Since 1994, when I was first hooked on the web, I have specialised in sharing knowledge of how to best apply digital media and technology for marketing with business professionals and students through consulting, training and writing.

I gave my first training course on online strategy for the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 1997, created my first site in 1998, wrote my first book, Internet Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice in 2000 and have specialised in helping individuals learn best practices and businesses improve their ROI from these exciting, dynamic channels ever since.

Our self-service digital marketing advice

Today, on, thousands of members from over 100 countries around the world use our library of digital marketing resources which give far more detail, actionable recommendations and examples than possible in any traditional book. Our advice is structured using the RACE digital marketing planning framework which I developed through consulting with many businesses and provides a comprehensive multichannel marketing framework that can be applied to all types of business.

Our Top 10 most popular Smart Insights premium member resources which I have written or edited are:

Digital marketing training and consulting

Dave is an experienced digital marketing trainer and consultant who, with our other consultants, offers digital marketing training masterclasses and online marketing strategy consultancy  Get in touch to set up a call to discuss how our RACE planning framework helps give structure to improve your results from digital channels.

Connect with Dave Chaffey

To share updates and ideas on the latest in digital marketing, or to ask a question, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Dave's books on digital marketing

Dave Chaffey is author of five successful business books including Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice; Digital Business and E-commerce Management, Digital Marketing Excellence and Total E-mail Marketing. Dave's books are regularly updated, some are in their fourth or fifth editions and are used worldwide including Chinese, French, Dutch, Germany, Serbo-Croat and Italian translations.


Dave has been recognised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of

"50 marketing "gurus" worldwide who have shaped the future of Marketing".

I am also proud to have been recognized by the Department of Trade and Industry, NOP World and E-consultancy as one of the

"Top 100 hundred people commended by the industry as key influencers and drivers, who have driven the development and growth of e-commerce in the UK over the last ten years".

Jim Sterne, Internet marketing pioneer, Jim Sterne, chairman of the Web Analytics Association and organiser of the annual E-metrics summits comments:

"Dave layers a keen understanding of marketing with in-depth technical and heuristic knowledge about doing business on the Internet. Top down or bottom up, Dave has an astonishing grasp of strategy as well as tactics".

Digital Marketing Training expertise

Over the last 15 years or so Dave has given training courses on all aspects of digital marketing from strategy and analytics through to getting results with the key channels like search, social and email marketing. I have helped devise the original training programmes and given one day courses for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Institute of Marketing and Econsultancy in the UK and internationally. These days I deliver in-company courses since I enjoy working with a team from one company to make a difference.

The goal of Dave's in-company digital marketing training courses is to provide a team with practical strategies and ideas to improve their digital marketing as soon as they are "back in the office".

To find out about the range of topics covered by Dave and other Smart Insights experts, see our page on digital marketing training courses.

Dave Chaffey is also online tutor and examiner for the IDM Diploma in Digital Marketing and helped devise the syllabus.

An acknowledged expert in digital marketing

When you participate in a workshop run by Dave Chaffey, you can be sure that you are in expert hands.

Dave has been:

  • Listed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of 50 marketing "gurus" worldwide in 2003 who have shaped the future of Marketing.
  • Recognized by the Department of Trade and Industry in 2004 as one of the leading individuals who have provided input and influence on the development and growth of E-commerce and the Internet in the UK over the previous 10 years
  • Described by Jim Sterne, one of the founders of Internet Marketing as layering a keen understanding of marketing with in-depth technical and heuristic knowledge about doing business on the Internet. Top down or bottom up, Dave has an astonishing grasp of strategy as well as tactics

Digital Marketing Consulting expertise

I provide a range of specialist Internet marketing consulting services based on my experience across all the whole of digital marketing including:

  • Digital marketing strategy : I will work with you to develop and refine your digital marketing plans starting with a review of your current digital marketing capabilities within your marketplace and then creation of a prioritised roadmap of strategic initiatives. I can also help you review issues by interviewing colleagues for their perspectives and strategy development workshops.
  • Expert web analytics evaluation and recommendation to improve business results: I increase the contribution of your web site to the business through reviewing web analytics from systems like Google Analytics, Omniture or Webtrends  to identify prioritised "quick-wins". I keep up-to-date on the latest Google Analytics techniques and I have the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.  I can also advise and develop custom e-marketing reporting dashboards systems that give your team "the measures that matter" or train your team on how to get the most from Google Analytics.

Sample consultancy clients include:

  • 3M (3M Healthcare; 3M E-commerce; 3M Select Online store)
  • Actel
  • Barclaycard
  • CMP Information
  • CIPD
  • HSBC (Commercial Banking, Global E-business, International Bank, Personal Banking)
  • i-to-i (Tui Travel)
  • Bank of Scotland Corporate
  • Mercedes Benz UK
  • Sony Professional Europe
  • Tektronix

See our page on Digital strategy consulting to find out more about consulting available from the Smart Insights team.

Other marketing experience

Between 1988 and 1995, Dave worked in industry as an account manager for several companies delivering business intelligence solutions for companies such as Ford Europe, WH Smith and the Halifax. He has also worked for three digital marketing agencies including ClickThrough Marketing where he is Insights Director.

Between 1995 and 2001, Dave was Senior Lecturer at the University of Derby where his research specialism was approaches to measuring and improving e-marketing performance. He was involved in the development of two of the first e-business-related university programmes in the UK: a BA in Internet Marketing and the MSc in Electronic Commerce. He also taught on postgraduate MBA and MA Marketing Management Programmes and has lectured at this level in a range of business schools including Birmingham University Business School, Cranfield School of Management, Leeds University Business School and the University of Warwick.

Outside of work I enjoy unwiring by fell running, orienteering, indie guitar music and travelling.

Contacting Dave

Feel free to get in touch via LinkedIn, to receive my updates let me know if and when we met before! Dave also has a personal Digital Insights blog where he writes about the latest digital marketing innovations.

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