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These benefits and examples of video marketing show why video should now be an essential digital marketing tactic

The short answer would be “yes”. Investing in a robust and high-quality video digital marketing strategy is well worth it, and it’s helping more than you can imagine. If your video engages, your conversion rates can be increased with just one smart technique or the right content that goes viral for a good reason. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula, no clear pattern, or perfect algorithm that will cause your success to skyrocket overnight. That is why most might dare doubt the validity and reliability of video content. However, you do not need a one-hit wonder to tell the difference or one small investment with a significant payout. What you need to understand is the actual value of video content and, most importantly, its real potential for online marketing in the long…

Technical options and tools for creating more engaging content marketing

A brief history of animation on the web.

Since the beginning of the Internet, the web has been constantly and rapidly evolving. The evolution of the web has been directed by predominantly 2 conflicting factors. The first factor being content providers and readers who are always seeking for more complex and exciting forms of content. The other factor is the technology that provides the foundation of the web which allows users to have the type of content they require. It is both of these factors that have driven the web forward and brought us the web that we know and love today. One form of content that has always been a requirement for users is animated content. However, technology has often limited  the capability of animation on the web. One of the first signs of animation on the web was the introduction of the…

Which explainer video animation style is right for your business?

There has been a boom in the use of animated video in digital marketing. When executed well-animated videos can engage audiences through high quality content, SEO benefits and give an excellent way to communicate a large amount of information to your audience in a small amount of time. Explainer videos are an increasingly popular form of content marketing which tell a story explaining visually how a product or brand helps different personas. In this post I start by  giving some tips to help create 'explainers' and then give examples of effective explainers.

9 tips for animated video planning

You can hire freelancers, a small creative agency or an animation production studio or even use some online DIY animation tools. All of them have different budget's, time scales and outcomes so when you are considering your animated video, here's some things to consider. 1. Do you want…

Innovative techniques and examples of engaging web and mobile designs

Gone are the days of promoting your brand face-to-face or through those mailbox flyers and ads in the local newspaper that no one reads anymore. And unless you have a marketing budget equal to the "big boys" you won't be buying commercial time at the next Super Bowl. Today, you will have to be "lean and mean" with your marketing dollars and get very smart and creative about the design of your content, so that you achieve continued customer and potential customer engagement.

Engagement is an Emotional Phenomenon

People "Engage" when their emotions are triggered, either positive or negative. Thus, the goal of content design must be to stimulate emotions that will influence behaviours and motivate customers/potential customers to act. As important as it is to define your target market, then, it is just as important to stimulate emotional engagement, happiness, excitement, surprise, and satisfaction. When these…

Key issues to consider for the process of using animation to support a marketing campaign

So, your company has decided to introduce animation into your marketing arsenal, but you haven’t got a clue how to start going about the process. Maybe you have an idea for a character, or a sense of the personality you want your brand to share with the public, but how do you get those concepts to become visual, moving, engaging characters, scenes and stories ready to be shared? With animation, there are many styles to choose from, but only 3 main types.  There’s the traditional 2D style (hand drawn on paper or digitally), the ever-popular 3D animation and finally stop motion (or frame-by-frame) animation. Depending on the actual medium used for each, or combination of mediums, styles and techniques - the possibilities are nearly endless.  For our sake, we will focus on 3D animation as the example type/medium…

Boost SEO x53 - and other great reasons to use animation in your marketing

There are all sorts of names for it – explainer videos, corporate video, marketing videos, animated web videos…. cartoons for your company - I prefer to call them animated videos! But, whatever you call them, their popularity in digital marketing strategy is growing. Once animation was limited to those with massive six figure production budgets, but current technology means you no longer need a big studio or access to television broadcast channels to create and distribute animation. In theory, anyone can have one written, designed, storyboarded and produced tailored to your marketing needs.

Four major reasons to use animation in your marketing

Increased conversion rates – 64%- 85% of people are more likely to purchase after watching a product video. And, on average, people will stay 2 minutes longer on…