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Ephemeral content strategy

Content isn't really king, it's the kingdom. It is made up of various pieces that combine to create something greater: an effective content marketing strategy

You’ve no doubt heard marketers proclaiming that “content is king,” but that’s a vague and misleading statement. Really, a content strategy is more like the kingdom because it’s made up of various individual pieces that combine to form something greater. There are many different facets to an effective content strategy, and — unbeknownst to many marketing departments — there’s isn’t just one type of content that rules them all. What content marketing ultimately boils down to is reaching your potential customers in a way that intrigues and engages them. Actually reaching them is the crucial first step, since you have to stand out from the crowd of 20 billion web pages that are viewed each month. With so much content competing for views, it’s up to you to…

For humans, seemingly, current attention span is no more than eight seconds. That’s less than that of a goldfish!

Marketers have felt the effects of this change considerably, and audiences’ shrinking attention span presents several challenges. Earlier, all brands needed to do was capture the interest of their audience for a couple of seconds, and they would get half the job done. Now, they would have to evolve if they wanted their businesses to succeed. And it was this drive for survival that led to the creation of ephemeral content marketing. [si_guide_block id="82119" title="Download FREE Resource – 10 common social media marketing mistakes guide" description="Our actionable guide to avoiding common social media marketing mistakes to help you avoid the pitfalls that limit engagement with your target audience."/]

Never Heard of “Ephemeral Content Marketing”?

This might be the first time you’ve come across this term, but it surely won’t be your last. One of the biggest…