Do you work in SEO? This infographic maps out the skills you need to develop

SEO combines such a huge range of skills it is tricky to know where to start when looking to enhance your abilities. For those people looking to make a career in SEO, they need to make sure they're covering all bases and not neglecting any areas of their skills. If they focus entirely on outreach, they might lose some of their technical expertise, whilst if they do nothing but look at analytics all day they won't be building links. If you're looking to move up the career ladder an exec to a manager to a departmental head, then check out this infographic to see what skills you'll need to focus on most at different stages. If you're interested in developing your digital skills more broadly, did you know we have a free research report on digital marketing…

Make sure your skills will still be relevant in 2020

As you'll know, Technology is always advancing. Facebook, Google and all the main platforms are always updating their relevant algorithms. With the continuous updates to new techniques and platforms to aid in your marketing goals, it can be hard to keep up in a rapidly changing environment. Plus, there are the fundamental marketing skills of strategy, campaign planning, and analysis which are needed as a foundation for success. These skills don't change so much but are equally important for success... If you're interested to learn how to stay relevant for the future, register for this month's free members webinar explaining Marketing Skills for 2020 - details below. It can be scary to think that some of the skills you have developed over years of experience may be out of date by 2020. But there is a wealth of knowledge to know about…

How to keep your marketing job and stay competitive as traditional jobs disappear and Artificial Intelligence erodes demand for some marketing skills but increases the demand for others

When robots named Pepper are taking orders at Pizza Hut, it’s safe to say that we’re entering the era of automation. Traditional jobs are being automated out of existence on a daily basis. And it’s happening in every industry, from healthcare to marketing. Yet most marketers aren’t concerned about becoming irrelevant in the near future. This is short-sighted; acknowledging that many marketing jobs aren’t going to be around in another 10–20 years is the first step to staying competitive in an uncertain future.

How many jobs are disappearing?

In 2015 alone, nearly 2.4 million U.S. jobs were outsourced to other countries. And nearly every major American company has been accused of outsourcing or automating their jobs overseas. By some estimates, artificial intelligence will cause the…

The secrets to personal branding success

Good branding can make or break your success: it stands for companies, and it stands for personal brands as well. Nowadays, personal branding is more important than ever, particularly if you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur, or if you work in a company. In this blog post, I want to show you the best way to start building up your personal brand in 2017.

Why personal branding?

Personal branding has become almost a necessity in recent years, especially for people in certain niches. The reason for that is other people that you come into contact with, particularly clients and employers will likely also check your online persona. By building up your personal brand, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward online – which will also influence your success in the real world as well. As an entrepreneur, there are even more benefits to creating a personal brand.…

Chart of the day: marketers salaries vary by sector, with a huge £23,000 difference between gambling and Education.

Research into marketing salaries by MarketingWeek suggests that marketing is still often understood and is seen as a cost rather than as an investment. Agency and consultancy wages are also just second bottom on the list, whilst gambling and gaming takes centre stage right at the top. Gaming and gambling was found to be the highest paying sector for marketers with an average salary of £63,409. This was followed by consumer electronics with an average salary of £56,901 and utilities which has an average wage of £56,716. The MarketingWeek Career and Salary Survey found that the education sector earn the lowest average annual salary at just £40,117. Those in the charity and not-for-profit sector have an average salary of £42,915, however education came joint with IT as the sectors where marketers are happiest.

The survey…

A guide to the marketing job market for those looking to enter it

In a few months a new wave of fresh-faced college grads will start applying for their first real job. Some may have had internships or summer jobs in the past but this is a whole different thing. This is where your real career starts and it is something to be extremely excited about. I mean you have technically worked your entire life to get to this point. What is not so exciting is that millennials like those college grads are having a tough time in the job market. Unemployment is at a steady 5% for the recent past. Wages are down 14% in a short ten-year time span and income inequality is rising. And do not even get me started on the explosion of college debt. Plus the older generation think that we are literally the worst and should have…

We ask three of our digital marketers how they feel about robots encroaching on their jobs

There has been lots of coverage recently on the BBC about how robots are taking over more and more jobs and that a staggering 33% of junior marketers are at risk of losing their jobs to robots in the next 20 years. Within marketing, we have the rise of Marketing Automation and Programmatic Marketing, so it's not a hypothetical question. As an agency that is all for automation making our lives easier and freeing people up to do more strategic and creative activities which robots can't complete just yet, we asked some of our employees what they thought of this.

Lee Wilson, Head of SEO

In the digital arena you work with big data…

Simon Swan interviews Digital Marketing consultant David Sayce

One thing remains consistent for the role of the digital marketer, whether client side, agency or as a consultant – disruption. The need to embrace change, continuous learning and help mentor and coach colleagues and businesses to digital best practice are the skills needed to help develop your career. There are a number of factors why pursuing a career in digital is a good choice, take a look at this article in The Drum which highlighted the UK is facing a major digital skills gap. I caught up with digital marketing consultant, David Sayce to question him on some real life questions as to the role of the digital marketer and how this has changed. We discuss a number of areas including the key challenges for businesses and what they need to be doing to retain digital marketing staff, the advice David would offer brands…

The current state of the digital marketing skills landscape.

The results from our survey of over 700 marketing professionals are in! The responses have allowed us to develop a picture of the current state of digital marketing skills. They come from across the UK and US, but were predominantly from UK marketers, so help us to accurately understand the digital skills landscape of the UK marketing industry in 2016. Marketers tend to fancy themselves as fairly skilled in strategy, content marketing and social media marketing. Although interestingly no one area had over 50% ranking themselves as skilled or highly skilled, and a considerable 38% also said they wanted to improve their strategy and planning skills. This was the skill marketers were most likely to say they wanted to improve. At the other end of the spectrum, there is a real shortage of more technical expertise like coding, mobile marketing and graphic design. A…

Latest survey indicates digital is popular with marketers yet a skills gap is apparent

For this research completed in August 2016 we got over 700 responses, showing the interest in skills development that we had hoped for. In the research, we were looking to establish a picture of the current level of skills within the industry and generate a picture of how marketing professionals see their personal skills and those for their business right now. The results reveal some interesting trends regarding the future digital plans of digital marketers and the feelings of managers who are recruiting for digital marketing positions. If you happened to be one of the people who took the survey, then a big thank you to you! [si_guide_block id="57851" title="Download resource – Developing Digital Skills 2016" description="This Research explores one of the key marketing challenges for businesses today: what skills are needed to compete using digital marketing? It's also highly…

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