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Growth hacking tools to get more from your content marketing

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 09 Dec, 2014
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7 mostly simple online services to hack your growth

Marketers have always relied on non-traditional tactics to make their startups grow rapidly. However, content marketing has remained a staple in their campaigns. The methods of online content marketing can almost guarantee a more successful, well-established business within a short period of time.

There are many different strategies that marketers use to make their campaigns more effective, but their most recognizable approach involves creative, optimized online content that attracts relevant audiences, drives traffic to the main website, and generates actual income.

From YouTube videos to Facebook posts, the method of content marketing are versatile enough to fit into everyone’s needs and preferences. The most important goal to have in mind is attracting new consumers to the services and products you offer. The following content marketing tools will help you do that! and Smart Insights new content distribution matrix gives a great visual tool for reviewing these.

1. Social Mention and Social Media Listening tools

Your content marketing campaign will not be a great success if your brand isn’t mentioned on social media. Getting enough shares should be one of the main goals when creating a new piece of content that promotes your business.


You should always be aware of the opinions the target audience has about your brand in order to develop a better strategy. I like Social Mention as a tool for this purpose and there are also a range of other social media listening tools which you can compare.

2. Intercom

The way you connect with your customers determines the success of your content marketing campaign. You can achieve much greater popularity in the online world by creating and distributing content tailored to the specific taste of your audience. Intercom.io uses targeted, behaviour-driven in-app and e-mail messages to enable you to communicate with customers who are using your product or service.

intercom app

3. Bounce Exchange

Attracting visitors to your website is a crucial part of your online marketing campaign, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to that goal. The real aim is to keep those visitors on your website and engage them with the featured content. This tool enables you to understand the actions of the visitors and realize why some of them leave your website sooner than expected.

Bouncexchange provides you with insight on each visitor’s cursor movements, which you will be able to track in real-time. This knowledge will help you think of new ways to prevent your visitors from bouncing.


4. Ninja Essays

You can use every possible tool for enhancing your content marketing efforts, but they will be almost worthless unless you create great content.

The success of content marketing boils down to creating engaging content that will amuse your audience and inspire the viewers to start using your products and services.

Typos, improper use of grammar and confusing sentences will drive your visitors away and turn your potential customers towards competitive companies whose content appears more professional.

At Ninja Essays, you can hire a writer who has been educated in the field of study associated to your business and knows how to create captivating content that anyone would be happy to read.


You can also hire editing services at this website if you want to enhance the quality of your current campaign. Once you get the right content, you will only need to distribute it properly and wait for the great results.

5. Crazy Egg

Getting insight into the customers’ behaviour at your website is really important for the future development of your content marketing campaign. By providing such info, Crazy Egg enables you to understand your target audience and improve the content in order to keep them interested.


When you combine this tool with properly-written content, you will definitely start converting more visitors into customers who pay for your offers.

6. Marketing.ai

If you are committed to a serious online marketing campaign that promotes your business as the best option on the market, then you have surely hired a team of talented people who join their forces and knowledge for a common goal.

This marketing.ai app will help all team members to stay connected and be aware of the campaign’s development in each stage. By creating a detailed, but comprehensive calendar for every member and activity in your team, the entire strategy will become easier to manage. In addition to assigning tasks and projects to the team members, you can also become aware of their performance.


7. KissMetrics

Sometimes marketers discover that the websites are generating enough traffic, but fail to produce the expected conversions.

If this is your case, then you should start using KissMetrics – an analytical tool that tells you what exactly a visitor does at your website.

When having access to data on real people, you will easily have a successful idea on how to optimize your content marketing and start generating more income. The only way to fix the problem areas is to find out where the traffic is failing. KissMetrics is one of the best tools in this category to give you such knowledge.


Content marketing is a real success when the right tools are implemented!

When your business is ready to start attracting more attention in the world of Internet, you have to strategize your approach and use the right tools to make the content marketing campaign successful. With the above-listed tools in your arsenal, you will soon start building a solid foundation for your brand’s online success.

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