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Real-time mobile usage statistics [Infographic]

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 06 Sep, 2016
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See the explosive growth of mobile in real time

Because of the massive shift towards mobile over the past few years, it's difficult to overstate it's importance to marketers. This Infographic shows how online users are spending their time and highlights the scale of the trend towards mobile. To create it we analyzed raw internet traffic statistics, to provide users with analytics to reflect average day-to-day usage trends. From the number of tweets sent from mobile devices to number of people accessing Facebook to even the number of Snapchat photos uploaded on an hourly basis. Here are some ways the stats presented here could help you:

Effective Targeting

Let’s say you are looking at the most appropriate launch pad for your product, you can use some of the crucial data that the infographic provides, such as:

  • Every hour 159,817 products are purchased on mobile devices from Amazon marketplace sellers
  • Alibaba generates 542,237 in mobile ad revenues
  • Google Ads grosses revenue of $3 million from mobile every hour
  • 68 million Google searches undertaken on mobile devices every hour across the world

Optimising Impact

The next aspect that these infographics help you achieve is making the most of your internet campaign and deriving maximum value. For example, you can see that:

  • 29 million WhatsApp photos are sent every hour
  • 1 billion WhatsApp messages are sent every hour
  • An average 29 million users are accessing Facebook on mobiles every hour
  • 32 million Snapchat pictures are share worldwide in any given hour

With this information, you can make a quick decision on how and where to target your product most to realise maximum value.


It is needless to mention that the right kind of targeting will not just enable you to earn better returns from your marketing endeavours. This will also facilitate reaching information about your service/product to the most appropriate audience and thereby scoring a big positive in terms of sales. Therefore as

  • 2 billion emails are opened every hour and
  • 4 million selfies get taken in every hour globally
  • Mobile gaming garners northwards of $3 million in revenue every one hour

The choice is totally on the user about how they want to pitch their product online for enabling the most effective outcome.



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