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How many CRO tests are marketers doing monthly?

Author's avatar By Robert Jones 02 Jan, 2018
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Chart of the day: Most marketers are running 1-2 Conversion Rate Optimization tests, such as AB testing, every month.

It's worth noting though that around 7% also run 20 or more tests, the majority run no more than 4 tests per month.

It's no doubt testing is hugely important to marketers, I don't see to sell anyone the benefit of AB testing or Multivariate testing, but for those who'd like to know the difference, I've summarised below.

I've taken the following definitions from Dr David Travis who is a UX consultant, has produced a very popular UX course on Udemy and has a Psychology PhD. The definitions are from his Udemy course.

  • AB testing - a comparison of two designs, tested with live users and a large number of users. You can run tests until you have a "winner" for example, one which outperforms the other one statistically
  • Multivariate testing - where there are more than two versions involved in a test

What does this mean for you?

If you're not testing, now really is the time. Our briefing can help.

Importantly, this report is from 2017. I've posted this chart to encourage marketers to think about how much testing they have done in 2017, to look ahead at their testing plans for 2018. Remember - you can test anything and everything and testing can provide wealthy benefits from increases in revenues to returning customers.

Why not try testing the following:

  1. Homepage copy
  2. Ad copy
  3. Sales letter page copy
  4. Different copy throughout the checkout process
  5. Different versions of checkout
  6. Product pages (copy, images, video)

Regular testing can make a big impact, so make sure it's part of your digital marketing strategy for 2018.

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By Robert Jones

Robert Jones is a specialist in CRO, UX Research, insight and digital Marketing. He is CRO Analyst at Enjoy Digital. He has a Psychology Masters of Research, has run large digital marketing campaigns to build research panels and worked in insight roles for Vision Critical, ASDA and WhatUsersDo. He also managed all of Smart Insights member resources and published several guides including "How to conduct Persona Research" as well as contributing over 100 blog posts to the Smart Insights blog. When he isn’t working on marketing campaigns he is most likely eating authentic Italian food or planning his next short trip. You can connect with Robert on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.

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