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Google Chrome is officially the most used Web Browser [Chart of the Day]

Author's avatar By Alexander Clark 12 May, 2016
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Internet Explorer has finally been dethroned from atop the Web Browser perch

Microsoft's clunky and outdated web browser has been on a gradual decline since 2008 and has eventually been overtaken by Google Chrome as the most world's most widely used Web Browser. The data from NetMarketShare, powered by TrueStats also points to a slight fall in market share for Firefox.

Market Share of Web Browsers

Since the introduction of Google Chrome in 2008, there has been a steady shift in the status quo, where Internet Explorer had ruled for so many years unchallenged. With the introduction of Microsoft's newest web browser - Edge, coupled with Google Chromes superior performance, Internet Explorer's time looks to be coming to a slow end.

Chrome now accounts for 41.66% of the market share, 0.31% more than IE, however, the rate of the decline suggests the gap will widen very quickly.

Chrome's dominance now also means Google are at the helm of all of our Internet experiences. NetMarketShare also tracks the market share of search engines and mobile operating systems, both of which Google also dominates.

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By Alexander Clark

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