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Amazon launch a shoppable social network called Spark

Author's avatar By Jessica Wade 03 Aug, 2017
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Amazon introduces a shoppable feed of stories and photos aimed at prime members

Amazon has launched Amazon Spark, a new feature aimed at improving product discovery. The idea behind the platform is to bring some of the social buzz that goes on beyond the website into the Amazon app. But here's the catch - it's only available to Amazon Prime members.

Many have said the platform was inspired by Instagram and its use of shoppable photos. Users are able to post stories, ideas, and images of products they like, which others can react to with comments and like.

To access Amazon Spark, you have to use the Amazon mobile app. When you join spark you tell it your 5 top interests so Amazon can create a customized feed for you. There are also a number of niche categories you can select to further define your personal interests.

Once you have set up your account amazon will pull your own personalised feed with products and reviews.

The feed will also feature images featuring Amazon photos where you can shop the image - similar to Instagram. There will be a shopping bag icon in the bottom right corner with a number that indicates how many items from the photo can be shopped on Amazon’s site.


Marketers and retailers should start to look at Amazon Spark as the key place for product reviews. Amazon is clearly trying to move away from rewarding top reviewers and instead reward the people who are enthusiasts for your products. They will receive a badge, which appears when they post to Spark or write product reviews. This gives prime users the ability to influence other shoppers as they are recognized as reliable and loyal.

Amazon Spark has launched this app to help people discover new products they might like to buy easily and all from within its app. It also provides a social network for customers to have their own profile, followers, feed and the ability to comment or like posts and products.

Tech Crunch suggests that as the new platform develops users will be able to generate some sort of income via their Spark postings. Allowing them to make money from product suggestions posted to Spark.

Amazon Spark is currently only available in the US but will be rolled out in the UK in the coming months.

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By Jessica Wade

I was previously the Social Media Executive for Smart Insights and managed all of Smart Insights social media channels and social strategy. I love all things social, most of the time you will find me endlessly scrolling through Instagram. You can follow me on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

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