Is there a place for snarky comments when responding to customers on social media?

In a recent report, by Sprout Social, it was found that brand personality on social media affects consumer purchase decisions. Respondents said they wanted more honest, friendly and helpful brand personality on social media over snarky and politically correct comments.

How one company uses snarky comments to engage and produce viral content

Yet, Wendy’s has developed quite the reputation on Twitter. From burying a troll at the mere suggestion that its meat was frozen to throwing shade at its burger rivals, snark has become such a specialty for the fast food chain that you’d half expect to see it listed alongside burgers and fries on the value menu. [si_guide_block id="82119" title="Download FREE Resource – 10 common social media marketing mistakes guide" description="Our actionable…

The aim of multi-platform customer service is to provide customers and audiences with options on how they would like to communicate with brands

These platforms also deliver a seamless service experience for customers, regardless of what channel they may choose to use. Delivering a smooth customer experience means having to understand your customers in order to better assist them with their queries and concerns without hassle. According to Exo Level Seamless Retail Study, 49% of consumers believed that companies should focus on integrating in-store, online, and mobile shopping channels to improve transactions. An overwhelming 89% of respondents wanted to shop for products in a manner that is most convenient for them, whether they use mobile devices, in-store transactions or online catalogs. Multi-platform customer support services should focus on the ability to track customers’ communications and their purchase behavior across various service channels. Having a multi-platform customer support service is by far the most…

Why social media customer care is important in retaining loyal customers and positive brand awareness

With all the noise and saturation of businesses and brands online vying for more clients and customers, there is one guaranteed thing that any smart digital marketer can do to stand above the noise to build and keep their network of buyers: social media customer care, or SMCC. Although most business owners today are familiar with the concepts of digital marketing and customer relations management (CRM), the concept and successful application of SMCC isn’t quite as widespread. In light of ever-increasing volumes of competing brands getting online, the wiser business owners should be shifting their attention to reaching out to their customers when it matters the most, addressing their questions, problems, and concerns.

Social Media Customer Care (SMCC) vs. Customer Relations Management (CRM)

According to the information from this data sheet by UK Website Builder, brands send an…

Blocking a visitor from Live Chat should be your last option, but sometimes it is necessary.

Usually, you can find lots of information online on how to improve customer service by using live chat software. But when is it necessary to block visitors that are abusive?

Learn to tell apart a challenging customer and an abusive one

A challenging customer is still a customer. First, do all that you can to resolve an issue, reassure your visitor and provide great customer service. While using a live chat software the agents have opportunities to learn general customer behavior patterns faster, as they can handle multiple customers at once. There are two patterns that are quite similar for challenging and abusive customers. While every abusive customer is also a challenging one, not every challenging customer is an abusive one. It is important to understand this fine difference, as resolving an issue for a challenging customer can convert…

Chart of the day: A recent study has shown that customers want better customer service from your brand.

It's no surprise that a good customer support service is topping the list of what customers want most from a brand. Having a good communication with your customers is vital in conversion and retention. How else is a customer going to tell you if something is wrong? You need to address these issues as quickly, efficiently and professionally as possible to keep a quality brand and product reputation. This being said, is it a shock that customers favor always on, automated service options the least? No. Customers do not want brands with a detached automated service. It is clear that over half (52%) of respondents want a fast response to their issues, something that can be hard to achieve with…

Customers want good customer service, and don't like being passed between channels

On average, customers interact with four different channels when seeking customer service related enquiries from a business. The types of channels they use or expect to be able to use when contacting a business is changing too. Any marketer worth their salt knows that word of mouth and online reviews are some of the most critical channels for any business, and customer service is key to getting good results. Delivering good customer service now requires a presence across a range of channels, but in a way that allows them to be mutually supportive and helpful, rather than working at cross purposes. This isn't just a 'nice to have', it really is a must, given 97% of people say that customer service is important to their choice of brand. That's according to a study by Microsoft, which asked 4,000 people across the…

UK consumers have growing expectations of customer service, and they need to be met regardless of channel or device

Customer service is often treated as an after-thought. Marketing, Advertising, PR, Sales, are all more glamorous and tend to get the lions share of investment, in part because on the face of it they seem more likely to lead to ROI. They all have the potential to generate more business and make money, but customer service doesn't. It's just dealing with problems, nothing exciting there. Or so you might think. But the truth is looking after your existing customers and making them happy leads to vastly higher rates of loyalty, helps strengthen the brand and will generate far better online reviews and will in fact lead to sales via word of mouth. 97% of UK customers say customer service is important when choosing a brand, and 63% say they have stopped doing business…

Creating quality online customer support can turn prospects into sales

How many times have you raced into a store to quickly pick up a few things and immediately looked for a brightly colored vest to find a sales assistant or customer service person to help you out?And how many times have you scurried from aisle to aisle looking for what you came to buy and seeing no sales associate in sight? That gets real frustrating,  real fast! This is how your online shoppers feel if you don't get online customer service right. They need help. And if they can’t find it – guess what, they’re gone, perhaps forever. According to Forrester, if their questions are not answered quickly, 45% of consumers in the US will abandon their transaction. Don’t think for a minute that your visitors don’t need your help to some degree. Econsultancy reports that some degree of customer support is need…

Welcome to the real self-service economy

Consumers want to be in control. They show a clear preference for self-service solutions, both in planning a purchase, the purchase itself and possible questions afterwards.  Smart companies try to anticipate this trend because it is in the mutual interest of businesses and their customers. The use of customer data is absolutely indispensable as this will improve the customer experience in every phase of the purchase process. Tweet This This evolution doesn’t mean the end of the traditional 'human' customer service. The need for a safety net with personal contact still exists. This contact can be organized by the companies themselves, but it may also mean contact with other customers. These are some of the conclusions from a worldwide study conducted over the past few months in collaboration with SSI (fieldwork) and No Problem! (translation partner). The study included ten countries from all around the world. The results of…

An example implementation showing the popularity of Live Chat

The Sun newspaper took a step into uncharted territory in August 2013 when it moved its content behind a paywall for the first time. For Britain's biggest selling daily, it was a hugely important development. In common with newspapers all over the world, the Sun has witnessed a sea change in consumption habits as increasing numbers of readers opt to access content online rather than buying printed editions. By setting up a paywall and thus requiring readers to pay a subscription, the Sun was securing an important revenue stream for its online version while also emphasising that its journalism has a value.   But if it was a big step for the newspaper itself, it was also a major change for online readers, who were being asked to pay for content that had previously been free to…

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