3 Strategic learnings for real time marketing

Value: [rating=3] Recommended link: Forrester real-time analytics report - free download  Commissioned by MediaMath, the latest research piece by Forrester is well worth the time it will take you to scan to understand this emerging modern marketing technique. I think most marketers understand the concept of real-time marketing but may struggle to see how that works across the WHOLE customer journey (most people associate real-time with Social media channels, mistake number one! More on that later). It is certainly something I am still learning about especially the practical side of it and excited by the prospect of working with more clients on helping them on the journey. Looking at the data shared in the report suggests the value that brands can get from real-time marketing. So, the value is in…

Brands place real-time marketing value firmly in relationships

In my previous article I wrote about the challenges of managing real-time marketing since processes are changed, focus is drawn to live data and content is being produced by the hour.

In this follow-up I will look at our research showing how marketers rate the benefits and some examples which show the value in real-time marketing (RTM).

Where is the value in real-time marketing?

There are blogs aplenty about Oreo’s ‘dunk in the dark’ real-time coup at the Super Bowl. Jerry Daykin from Mondelez (owners of Oreo) spoke at our Social Speakeasy event a few weeks ago. He made the point several times that although it achieved marketing success; it was engagement, not reach that made it successful.

So we surveyed brands for their perspective on real-time social. And the resulting benchmark…

Research showing how brands can struggle with the real-time challenge

In theory, real-time marketing seems straightforward. Follow the trends, be responsive to the interests of your audiences and build a live, relevant relationship with them. In practice, real-time marketing is not quite so easy though. Combining real-time online PR and social media marketing and integrating it with offline communications is time, resource and investment intensive. In the latest benchmark report from immediate future, ‘In The Social Moment’, our research shows the practical hurdles of managing real-time marketing. It seems the struggle is more operational than about the risk to reputation... It’s the everyday management, processes, technology and people, that is proving to be difficult. Most of the report’s survey respondents came from well-known, established brands. Brands with complex structures and traditional ways of working. The results reflect the…