Interesting online media trends for 2011 & 2012

Value/Importance: [rating=4] Recommended link: eFrontier

Our commentary

A fantastic report from eFrontier, looking back over 2011 and with an interesting outlook on 2012. The report covers, in great detail, the spending patterns globally and across multiple platforms (Google vs Facebook for example) for their client base. It certainly sounds like Q4 2011 was the big spending month with regards to YoY growth, with US retail spend up 18% YoY. The key trends for you to consider from the report are: Mobile spend (specifically tablets) is becoming increasingly important, likely to make up 16-22% of all paid clicks by the end of 2012 Facebook advertising spend will reach 5% of all spend by end 2012 Overall media spend will grow 15% by the end of 2012 You can view the full report here, or checkout the top level…