Interview: Assaf Eisenstein, Founder of Lusha

At Smart Insights we're always on the lookout for new tools which help marketers improve their business leads and sales. With many tools out their to help with outreach, we're drawn to Lusha, a new tool that not only helps improve the outreach process but enriches your CRM and Salesforce leads, and can be integrated with a range of other tools including MailChimp, Hubspot, and Intercom. We spoke to the Founder of the company, Assaf, to find out more:

1. What inspired you to create Lusha?

We live in a world that is data rich but information poor. While the web and all the social networks within it giving us countless ways to discover things and connect with people, professional’s are often stuck when it comes to having instant access to the information that matters when it matters. The pace of business is getting faster and our ambition…

A new type of content discovery platform which allows professionals to improve their knowledge and keep track of quality content in a single feed via a Google Chrome new-tab extension

It’s Monday. Your inbox shows a gazillion emails and most are from blogs you’re subscribed to. You already know that about 90% of them aren’t that relevant to you and that some 9% of them are lack of added value. You pick up your mobile and scroll through the Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter feeds. While scrolling, you see a post about the latest content marketing technique. This post already has 400+ likes, some are your colleagues, but while you skim through the article you say to yourself “why have all these professionals liked this article? It’s full of basic fluff”. These days we are consuming our content mainly through blog subscription and social media. We…

Developing a strategic approach to LinkedIn Marketing for B2B companies - advice from Steve Phillip of Linked2Success

In this interview, Steve Phillip, a leading Coach and Expert on using LinkedIn shares his approaches and explains how his clients are using LinkedIn. The interview covers the essentials of using LinkedIn such as overcoming barriers to entry, avoiding the common mistakes, strategy planning for first time adopters, plus more advanced tips and hints on how to use this successfully. Barriers and solutions to using LinkedIn to generate B2B business are also covered. For more details on how to use LinkedIn strategically, use our Smarter guide. [si_guide_block id="25525" title="Download Premium Member resource – 7 Steps to LinkedIn Marketing" description="Understand how to best use all of the features of LinkedIn as an individual or as a business."/] Q. From your personal experience of working with companies who are new adopters…

Sajjad Bhojani, Head of Multi Channel Marketing and Developments outlines the Dunelm process for digital strategy creation

Our recent research on managing online channels shows that many businesses still don't have a digital strategy, although a good proportion now do. Our templates and guides give ideas on how to structure digital plans, but there is also the question of what is the best process for developing online and multichannel plans and reviewing performance against targets. To help answer this question I spoke to Sajjad Bhojani,
 when he was Head of Multi Channel Marketing and Development  at Dunelm and asked to explains their process for strategy creation and ongoing management of online channels. (This case study was originally in 2014, but we're sharing again to fit in with our multichannel marketing theme, since there are some interesting learnings). Dunelm is the UK’s largest…

We asked content marketing expert Stephen Bateman about how he uses the RACE framework to structure marketing campaigns for clients

Q. Yourself and Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights recently scoped out a project to improve the inbound marketing programme of a B2B telecommunications firm. Can you give us an idea of how RACE was utilised to scope out and plan the project?

Yes, the firm in question had been getting content from its agency for its inbound marketing programme for more than 18 months, and the team used the content to get “attention” from prospective buyers, but failed to generate the potential volume of qualified leads (MQL) they expected. There are lots of reasons why the team felt underwhelmed by their content marketing and inbound marketing programmes, but this is what happened over time: The team kicked off its inbound marketing programme, with a documented strategy that identified goals, audiences, content, process and…

Interview with Sarah Gill, Digital Marketing Manager at Newcross Healthcare solutions

Is the customer at the centre of your strategy? That’s the current discussion as to how organisations are shifting their digital strategies to appeal to the demands and requirements of their audience. But to really embrace the voice of the customer, organisations need to reach out and build relationships with their end user. That’s why the growing importance of User experience and Customer experience should be considered an essential part of any digital marketing and communications strategy if it wants to represent the true needs of their audience. To discuss in more detail I caught up with Sarah Gill, a digital marketer who spends much of her time specialising in both customer and user experience. We discuss the differences between both approaches and what should be incorporated within a strategy. Sarah also provides a handy 6 step framework  to use as well as some practical advice on how organisations…

Our interview with Template Monster's CEO, David Braun

What are the challenges and success factors in creating online startups serving small businesses? To shed light on this with a case study, we spoke to David Braun about why he founded Template Monster and where he is taking the businesses during an interesting time for web developers looking to serve small businesses.

How did you come to a decision to start template monster ?

David: It all started quite a long time ago, although it seems as if it were yesterday. TemplateMonster wasn’t created from scratch, it was based on a local web development agency. We owe the idea of TemplateMonster to the customers who didn’t need a custom design, they needed a cheaper solution. At the moment we didn’t have anything that would meet their requirements. Once I saw a designer working with his templates and that was the moment when the idea…

We interviewed Certona's CEO Meyar Sheik about the future of one of marketing hottest trends - personalisation tech.

1. First of all, congratulations on being named top personalisation provider! Can you tell us how Certona uses machine learning and predictive algorithms to predict customer behaviour?

Certona pioneered the use of patented machine learning and predictive algorithms that empower retailers to leverage real-time profiling of individual shoppers across the omnichannel landscape. Certona’s personalisation platform is powered by a sophisticated blend of continuous profiling and real-time targeting that augments behavioural profiles with every interaction. This develops shopper insights that fuel intelligent predictions, letting retailers deliver increasingly individualised experiences as shoppers engage across touchpoints. Within 3-4 clicks on a site, Certona’s personalisation platform ingests real-time shopper data such as location, weather, time of…

Dan Grech Interviews Teri Rosenbaum, Uber's Head of Email in the UK & Ireland for the latest edition of 'No BS Email Marketing'

[Editor's note: This interview is a taster for a new, free guide : No BS Email Marketing, 2nd edition. It's a great resource for all marketers interested in email and CRM. You can download it for free today from here].

I’m an email marketing manager for Uber in the UK and Ireland, with a focus on  communicating with our drivers. Prior to this, I spent seven years at a small app startup in Southwest London, where I ended up doing a lot of email. I’ve been at Uber for almost a year - since last September. One of my major achievements here has been winning an award for customer obsession. I guess it’s my…

Litmus, Liveclicker and Unbounce speak on conversion optimisation for ecommerce

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) can be a very complex creature – particularly when it comes to optimising ecommerce sites and campaigns using Email marketing to engage our audience. The opinions in this article focus on email marketing. A common theme is that during the process of optimisation we need to put our subjective opinions aside, create some robust hypothesis-based upon data and insights and try to start optimising for the biggest wins first – not always an easy task. So we asked three of our expert speakers from our email marketing summit the following question: “So many channels, so many aspects of a campaign to test. What’s your key piece of advice that you would provide to increase conversions for an ecommerce site?” Dave Holland, European Regional Director of Liveclicker and expert presenter, gives us his…

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