Five killer marketing management team strategies that will improve your output

Today its important for business owners to have an online presence and for entrepreneurs to understand marketing management team strategies that will set you apart from the competition. If you’re planning a business campaign or venture, you need to form a killer marketing management team. It will ensure enhanced visibility of your brand and a higher potential for your business or company. Here are five killer marketing management team strategies that you should implement:

1: Prioritise a content strategy

If you want to promote your company or products, it’s essential to prioritize online content. Having good content sets your website apart from your competitors and delivers the correct message to your customers. Content marketing includes creating and sharing information such as blog posts, news, videos, white papers, infographics, how-to guides, case studies and photos and is one of…

Which digital marketing activities you should keep in-house or outsource?

The companies that continue to move to a more integrated digital model while managing their Digital Transformation process, may be left wondering which activities are best to be outsourced and which are preferable to keep in-house. It is very common for companies to outsource at least part of their digital capability, but this is likely to affect how well they can move to an integrated model. But what are the particular disciplines most suited to outsourcing and what is preferable to keep in-house?

The ‘Slow Burners’ vs. Campaign Based

When we think of digital marketing activities, there are many that need to be managed, but let’s consider the following eight key disciplines covering paid-owned and earned media and managing the customer experience should sit within an organisation: 1. Email marketing 2. Social Media 3. Paid Search 4. SEO 5. Display advertising and retargeting 6.…

How to save time and reduce waste through better operational planning

As the digital marketing environment continues to evolve, introducing efficient marketing practices is more important than ever. Coordinating multiple channels, running integrated campaigns and relying on external partners make modern marketing processes complex and difficult to manage. Teams are often reluctant to update their day-to-day management tools and processes as change isn't always easy though always needed! This challenge is faced by every marketing team and can be tackled by making important changes to the way things are planned and managed. By thinking through and then implementing some of these following six steps, you can save time, reduce waste and improve operational marketing management. Get everyone pulling in the same direction. Defining business and marketing objectives first is crucial, your most powerful leadership tool is clear and specific objectives. Define your battleground, understand where your efforts are likely to…