Digital marketing is a moving target. Platforms change and evolve. New algorithms are launched, tweaked, and improved. Some features are discontinued, new ones are developed. Keeping up with these trends is no mean feat, but by analysing existing data on current trends and techniques used by early adopters combined with expert analysis, we’ve predicted a series of key trends in digital marketing, ecommerce and web design for 2017.

Some of the most critical which are covered in more depth in our Digital marketing trends 2017 analysis by Dave Chaffey include:

  • Applied Artifical Intelligence- for applications like chatbots and predictive analytics
  • The growth of the marketing cloud – Automation tools and programmatic ads increase both their capability and rate of adoption.
  • High rate of Smartphone adoption drives cross-channel optimization
  • Simple, flat design with intuitive navigation wins out over less functional designs focusing on aesthetics.

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