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  • There are many challenges to face when it comes to marketing for the pharma sector. Healthcare companies are in an industry that is one of the most highly-regulated in the world, which represents unique challenges. However, they also need to compete against a huge number of medical advice websites and conflicting education in order to get and keep their audience's attention.
  • On top of this, they have the added challenge of needing to provide communications and create customer journeys that are suitable for both patients and decision-makers in the healthcare industry.
  • This means that it is vital for companies in the pharma and healthcare sectors to have an omnichannel marketing strategy in place to help engage audiences and improve brand performance.
The Race Funnel

Social media for pharma and healthcare

You can use social media in this industry but only in certain ways. Social listening is an acceptable research type to find out what healthcare professionals and patients are discussing in terms of a specific therapy area that could highlight views on certain medications.

Email marketing for pharma and healthcare

Email marketing can also be used so long as the messages are relevant and recipients have given permission to receive them. You can also send emails in the pharma sector quite frequently so long as they are relevant. However, it is worth bearing in mind general email marketing best practices as well as healthcare regulations when developing your strategy so as not to annoy those on your email list.

Opportunities for the pharma and healthcare sector

Despite legislation and regulations around marketing in the pharma and healthcare sectors, there are plenty of opportunities available from digital marketing for Pharma and Healthcare businesses.

Pharma blockchain technology is a decentralized and distributed pharmaceutical and healthcare ledger system, where transactions are permanently recorded

Across the world, many people relate the word "blockchain" with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. However, gradually, this technology is being explored in different supply chains, including pharma blockchain. In simple language, pharma blockchain technology is a decentralized and distributed ledger system, where different transactions are permanently recorded. According to Deloitte, blockchain is a shared and unchallengeable record of peer-to-peer transaction blocks that are stored in a digital ledger. [si_monthly_campaign_blog_cta_banner id=155084] As there is no central authority in the system, all the records and transactions are being stored and shared across all network participants. In addition to this, Blockchain uses the data structure in order to ease the way we make transactions. Apart from the healthcare industry, blockchain technology helps many other industries, including e-commerce, education and manufacturing, allowing companies to keep a permanent…

The number of people using the internet to source a doctor, dentist or hospital, or even answer a simple health query, is on the rise. It's time to leverage digital marketing for your medical practice

Expanding the reach of your medical practice marketing online is a no-brainer. Just about every modern company now follows a tried-and-tested digital marketing strategy built around ads, analytics, social media and more. Having said that, different approaches are required depending on a slew of factors including industry, budget, location, audience demographics and personnel. [si_monthly_campaign_blog_cta_banner id=155084] In this blog post, I want to focus on just one type of consumer-facing business – a medical practice – and share some of my top tips for maximizing your digital marketing. After all, the number of people using the internet to source a doctor, dentist or hospital, or even answer a simple health query, is on the rise. Embracing these medical practice marketing…