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Are your marketing skills up to-date and still relevant?

Author's avatar By Carolanne Mangles 25 Jul, 2017
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Make sure your skills will still be relevant in 2020

As you'll know, Technology is always advancing. Facebook, Google and all the main platforms are always updating their relevant algorithms. With the continuous updates to new techniques and platforms to aid in your marketing goals, it can be hard to keep up in a rapidly changing environment. Plus, there are the fundamental marketing skills of strategy, campaign planning, and analysis which are needed as a foundation for success. These skills don't change so much but are equally important for success...

If you're interested to learn how to stay relevant for the future, register for this month's free members webinar explaining Marketing Skills for 2020 - details below.

It can be scary to think that some of the skills you have developed over years of experience may be out of date by 2020. But there is a wealth of knowledge to know about marketing your business and managing your team that you can readily acquire. This includes both your personal skills and if you have a team, your ability to run and manage your team.

Marketing Skills 2020 webinar details

To help you review your personal skills and those across your business, join us for our next monthly #DigitalPriorities members’ webinar.

Essential skills that we will cover in the webinar include:

  • Which skills are most in demand by employers?
  • Options for structuring your digital team - which are the essential roles for different sizes and types of business?
  • how to audit your skills across the Smart Insights RACE planning framework
  • The 7Ps of marketing skills your should develop

Imran FarooqDave Chaffey

To watch the webinar live, or on demand, Register for Marketing Skills 2020 where Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights will take you through the latest research on in-demand skills and structuring marketing teams. Plus, Imran Farooq of MMC Learning will explain the 7Ps which should underpin your personal skills development.

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By Carolanne Mangles

Carolanne Mangles Dig DipM is the Digital Marketing Executive for Click Travel, an award-winning corporate travel booking platform. She is a specialist in B2B SaaS and enjoys planning and optimizing the full customer journey across all digital channels to create brand awareness, great user experience and copy that really sells the benefits of the product. She was previously Digital Marketing Executive for Smart Insights where she was involved with multiple digital channels to manage fully integrated membership campaigns to boost new customer acquisition and current membership retention. She has spoken and given masterclasses at B2B Expo on Search and Content Marketing, holds an IDM award in GDPR and loves a glass of red wine. Connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.

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