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If anything, the home page gets too much attention since it's not always the main entry point for the site. Still, for most sites it is the page which is viewed the most so it warrants improvement to get the the right messages across and get the visitor on the right journey.

Home page optimisation quick guide

Home page optimisation success factors

Many of the principles of Landing page optimisation are also relevant for home pages.

These are some of the key issues to review for your home page which we review in detail in our guide to website optimisation:

  • 1. Key brand messages communicated?
  • 2. Benefits of online channels communicated?
  • 3. Have we proved the credibility of our brand?
  • 4. Is the balance of screen real estate right?
  • 5. Is the visual style and emphasis right to support our goals?
  • 6. Does the home page encourage interaction?
  • 7. Are there clear customer journeys?
  • 8. Does the home page support lead-generation or sale directly?
  • 9. Does the home page support search marketing?
  • 10. The page supports goals for returning visitors to the site?

Home page optimisation definition

Well everyone knows what the home page is, but we think it's often useful to think about multiple home pages.  These can serve as home for different audiences, e.g. business home, consumer home if you offer products and services to both.

Recommended member resources for Home page optimisation

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Best websites on Home page optimisation

  • Marketing Experiments - good examples of principles of engagement and home page optimisation
  • - Jakob Nielsen's site has some good articles on principles on improving the home page

Key techniques for Home page optimisation

These are the related techniques which we recommend as important for managing Home page optimisation effectively. View these hub pages giving details on best practices, statistics and examples for these techniques:

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