Benchmarks of B2B webinar promotion and presentation

Webinars are a key inbound marketing technique, particularly for business-to-business companies. Webinars can be used to support different audience engagement goals across the B2B marketing and sales funnel from attracting new prospects to interact with your brand through to nurturing prospects, product demonstrations and keeping customers up-to-date. Experienced B2B marketers will know from their tests which are the best times to promote and what attendance levels can be expected, but if you're planning a series of webinars, then we hope you find this summary of B2B webinar statistics useful. They're from BrightTALK which we use for our webinars, but the insights shouldn't be platform specific since the mechanics of promoting and encouraging attendance are similar. We'll present the benchmarks as the answers to a series of FAQ we hear from webinar marketers.

Q. Best day of week to promote a webinar?

This data is actually showing the most…

Learn the different types of webinar you can host to attract and connect with new customers

Webinars are, essentially, online workshops, courses, demonstrations or seminars. They can either be live or recorded, and they can take various forms. Depending on what your goals are and the audience you are targeting, you will need to host a specific type of webinar.

Why webinars?

Webinars are highly-effective tools at any stage of the buyer’s journey, from awareness to the consideration and decision-making stages. Webinars can help you: Raise awareness of your business, as well as your products and/your services Reach your target audience with highly relevant and value-filled content Generate more targeted and higher-quality leads for your business Build more trust with your target audience by showcasing your value and knowledge Increase your authority in your niche or industry by showcasing your skills Convert more of your leads into paying and loyal customers – webinars…

Our entire 68-point workflow for setting up and presenting a successful webinar

Do you use webinars and want to make them more effective, or are you considering using them for the first time in 2014? In this post I'll share what we have found works for us, grouped into 11 steps. What you’ll get in this blog post: Three reasons why we host webinars—and why you probably should too. Some great technology that will hugely improve the quality of your webinars. Proven templates for all the documents you’ll need to create (emails, blog posts, etc.). Pre-webinar tasks you must complete before you start. Some easy-to-make embarrassing webinar blunders we’ve made, and how you can avoid them. How to edit the slides and video and post them to your blog.

Why you should consider hosting webinars

Webinars are highly effective for communicating with your target market. In fact, this year we have experimented with turning down almost every conference speaking request…

Reviewing the level of attendance for webcast and webinar events

Webinars and webcasts are still a key tool of the B2B marketer. As you may know, Smart Insights use the BrightTALK webcast platform for featured Expert commentators and content partners. As is standard with webinars, these feature a live interactive session reviewing slides and then an on-demand follow-up. We thought we would share the internal data on webinar attendance from BrightTALK since it could help B2B marketers who are planning or reviewing attendance for online events. Webinar Attendance - No Show, Live and On Demand You can see the number of no-shows against and Live and On Demand viewings- this is in line with what we see - a good level of On Demand access as well as the live viewings. They have also shared the growth in numbers before an agent and then how…
The popularity of video has led to a resurgence in interest in marketing using webcasting as a way to reach and engage business audiences, particularly given the reductions in travel budgets.   In this interview I ask Charlie Blackburn of webcasting service provider BrightTALK to take me through the options and give us some examples of what works.

Are webinars still effective?

Q. Webinars are still a core technique for engaging professional business-to-business audiences, but I think most would say they're suffering from burn out and it's more difficult to get audiences to attend. I expect you to say this isn't the case, but how do you show new clients there is still an appetite from decision makers for webinars. [Answer: Charlie Blackburn, Co-Founder BrightTALK] You're right that I don't agree. The obvious analogy is the continued growth of audiences watching videos, both online and increasingly…