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What exactly are shoppable posts and how to get your product into the "explore" section?

Instagram has transformed from your ordinary social network into a powerful marketing tool within a couple of years. Every day business owners are coming up with new and creative ways to reach their target audience and boost sales while maintaining the entertaining tone of the platform. With 800 million active users during 2017, according to CNBC, Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social networks in the world. Such an inflow of users creates an incredibly attractive pool of potential customers for those savvy businesses that know how to wrap their head around innovation. [si_guide_block id="35932" title="Smarter Instagram marketing guide" description="Our guide to smarter Instagram marketing will help you create an integrated social media marketing strategy that will increase engagement to boost leads and sales."/] In response to brands actively promoting their image and products on the…

As well as creating demand through strong creative and large-scale reach, social media now enables consumers to instantly purchase what they see on their screens

For many of us today, we’re just as likely to buy something online as in a physical shop. E-commerce has consistently grown and developed over the last 10 to 15 years and it appears this trend is set to continue. With the likes of Amazon setting new standards all the time, we’ve never expected more from our e-commerce experiences. Over the same period, social media has exploded and now plays a significant role in our digital lives. [caption id="attachment_134921" align="alignnone" width="939"] [Image Source][/caption]Social media has revolutionized the way we consume information, communicate with friends and experience the world. In fact, we’re so…

Virtual Reality is still in its infancy as a marketing technology, but it is about to mature

The demand for virtual reality experiences is growing — and not just among gamers and early adopters. Contrary to initial speculation, widespread use of VR isn’t dependent upon top-of-the-line head-mounted displays. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, average consumers can now get in on the VR fun — and marketers should be paying attention. VR will disrupt every sector, and brands that hope to reach Millennials, in particular, need to make use of this new platform. Young people prize experiences over material products, and virtual reality presents a way to fulfill that demand. [si_quick_block id="79375" title="Marketing technology and media innovation guide" description="Learn how Virtual Reality, and other emerging technologies, could be used in your digital marketing strategy to improve your customers' experiences with our marketing technology and media innovation guide."]

Where the Physical…

Mapping the most effective AI technologies for marketing across the customer lifecycle

AI technology is a hot topic in marketing at the moment, but AI is a broad term covering a wide range of different technologies. Artificial intelligence means any technology that seeks to mimic human intelligence, which covers a huge range of capabilities such as voice and image recognition, machine learning techniques and semantic search. Marketers like to wax lyrical about the latest exciting technologies and bang on about AI for image recognition, speech recognition, preventing data leaks, or even targeting drones at remote communities. All well and good. But how are marketers supposed to do anything with that information? It's just hype, you can't implement it. That's why in our AI and Machine Learning briefing for members we have identified fifteen artificial intelligence techniques that businesses of all sizes can implement, rather than techniques which only major tech…

Voice technology is only one aspect of a rapidly-evolving tech sphere

As the speed of technology and the pace of our lives have picked up, many new technological innovations have been brought about. One such innovation is voice technology, which has become an increasingly-popular interface for answering search queries or interacting with modern technology such as Siri, vehicular intelligence systems, or hands-free entertainment systems. While there are many who project that voice search will become the interface of the future, there are still a lot of limitations that, if unchanged, will keep voice interfaces from becoming as dominant as some predict. [si_guide_block id="28640" title="Download our Premium Resource – Q4 2018 online marketing statistics compilation" description="To save you time in searching for the latest, most reliable online marketing benchmarks, our compilation gives you a single source of the latest and most reliable sources to help you compare your investments in digital channels and your performance…

Evaluating technology options for innovation in marketing - do you know your Hype Cycles?

If you're involved in marketing strategy development, you will be constantly making judgements and doubtless arguing with colleagues about which digital technology innovations are most relevant to your organization. In this article, we compare different examples of Gartner's well-established Hype Cycle tools which serve to highlight the adoption of new technology services within marketing technology. You'll see we have updated the post for different years, so you can see how technology trends have changed as techniques like content marketing and personalization have moved along the Hype Cycle. [si_guide_block id="81859" title="Download free member resource – Digital Marketing Megatrends" description="Learn how to get an edge in the year ahread by deploying the latest marketing techniques that businesses of all types need to consider to stay competitive."/]

The latest digital marketing Hype Cycle

In December 2018 Gartner published their latest digital marketing and advertising Hype…

Our review showing examples of the latest innovations in digital media, technology, and data to support digital transformation

We love reviewing innovation in marketing. It’s interesting to see ‘what’s hot’ and ‘what’s cool’, but to keep it practical and actionable as we like, we’re equally interested in which communications and transformation techniques will make the biggest commercial improvement for businesses. A good example of the commercial impact digital technology and media can have is Dominos. I recently heard about the impact of digitization of Dominos from Dave Wild, their UK CEO at Technology for Marketing / E-commerce Expo. Dominos UK only took its first mobile phone order in 2010 when online sales accounted for less than 30% of revenue. Eight years on, Dominos have a market share of more than 50% with digital transactions accounts for more than 80% of sales and the UK smartphone app accounting for more than two-thirds of those…

Digital marketing trends 2019: What should you be looking to integrate in the coming year

When it comes to mobile technology it is important to be ahead of the curve when adopting trends. These tech updates are often beneficial for marketers. We are going to look at the landscape of mobile as we move closer to the new year to help you beat that curve. I'm going to give you the top mobile tech trends that will be prominent in 2019 to continue our trends series that Dave Chaffey kicked off earlier this month.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Big brands like Google and Apple showing breathtaking new AR (augmented reality) demos on iPhone 8 and iPhone X are proof that AR is going to be the game of 2019. With the most recent arrival of ARKit 2, Apple is providing developers and organizations with an improved platform to…

Key social media trends for 2019 that every marketer needs to keep an eye out for and include in their digital marketing strategy, based on predictions from leading industry experts

Social media is ever-changing. Be it new platforms, different consumption habits or varied forms of communication, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. are always coming up with innovative features or affordances that add different dimensions to the platforms. These changes not only help users engage in a number of different ways with their favourite brands online but also give marketers a chance to captivate their audiences through an array of tools and tactics. [si_guide_block id="49146" title="Download our Premium Resource – Digital media options cheatsheet" description="Our Digital media cheat sheet is aimed at helping Smart Insights premium members to keep track of the free and paid media options so that they're not missing out on any of the latest…

In 2018, 77% of Realtors do not have a blog

Creating content is essential for marketers and thought leaders. The NAR study lists on average, 77% of realtors do not have a blog and only 13% plan to have one in the future. SEO remains a key factor in organic searches which drive leads. Realtors that have a blog usually have at least 6 years’ experience or more in real estate. Less experienced realtors can benefit highly by incorporating a blog in their marketing activities.

Only 26% of Realtors have their own website

Developing and maintaining a business website is important for SEO and organic web traffic. 42% of realtors have a website that was provided by their firm while only 26% or realtors have their own website. In building brand awareness, having a website that is maintained…

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