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10 common website customer experience mistakes

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Today, website visitors expect more than ever before from your site as they compare your user experience against the leaders from different sectors like Amazon, Facebook, HubSpot or Uber. Yet, often there are common flaws in how websites are designed and implemented which means they don’t support your communications goals and the customer journey.

The quality of the Customer and User Experiences that businesses deliver through their customer-facing websites is now vital in most industries. The website experience must support the whole customer lifecycle from acquiring customers through to retention and loyalty and will often account for a high proportion of leads or sales.

To help you avoid these mistakes – and correct them – this free guide explains the most common mistakes we see. It also explains what to do instead so you can create a more effective, persuasive experience.

About the 10 common website customer experience mistakes

About the author

James is an E-commerce consultant and owner of Digital Juggler, an E-commerce and Digital Marketing consultancy helping retailers develop, execute and evolve E-commerce strategies and optimise their digital channel. With a background as a Head of E-commerce and also agency side as Head of Client Development, he has experienced life on both sides of the fence. He has helped companies like A&N Media, Sweaty Betty and Smythson to manage RFP/ITT proposals. and been lead consultant on high profile projects for Econsultancy, Salmon and Greenwich Consulting. He is a guest blogger for Econsultancy, for whom he also writes best practice guides, regularly contributes to industry events and co-hosts #ecomchat, a weekly Twitter chat for e-commerce knowledge sharing. For e-commerce advice and support, connect with James on LinkedIn and Twitter.

What’s inside?

The guide contains 10 common mistakes, each with examples, strategy recommendations and recommended resources.

The guide reveals examples of poor website design from different sectors which are commonly seen, but best avoided. As well as highlighting the errors, the guide also contains strategy recommendations, practical tips and links to helpful resources to help you get more out of your website or online store, and so increase revenues and conversions.

Good UX, good design and smooth experiences can have a dramatic effect on revenues. If you look after your customers, they will look after you.

Who is the guide for?

This guide is for anyone responsible for the contribution that a business gets from its site measured by leads or sales. So, it is relevant for marketing managers, digital marketing managers as well as specialists working on web experience. The examples focus on E-commerce and retail, but the mistakes - and what to do about them - apply more widely.

Look Inside the 10 common website customer experience mistakes

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