Creating a solid seasonal SEO strategy is key to leveraging the peak buying period to its full potential.

Seasonality can make or break an online business. Failure to get your business ready for the holiday season may result in lost customers, bad reputation and loss in online visibility. Creating a solid seasonal SEO strategy is key to leveraging the peak buying period to its full potential. [si_guide_block id="35519" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Managing SEO playbook" description="With this SEO playbook, we have listed all the steps needed for a strategic review of your organic search marketing aimed at defining improvements to results."/] Here's how seasonality works in digital marketing and what you should do to optimize your site for the upcoming holiday season:

What is seasonality and why SEOs should care

Seasonality refers to regular and predictable trends recurring every calendar year. Different industries may be impacted by different seasonal trends but it is hard to…

Automating your marketing is key in such a busy marketing period, find out how RedEye’s Head of Future email suggests it is done

Summer is long gone and the Bank Holidays have been exhausted for the year. While ‘normal’ people start to stress about when to put their central heating back on, us marketers are in full planning and panic mode. Two key events loom before us: Black Friday Weekend, and of course the run up to Christmas. It’s all become rather stressful. With more and more focus on the few weekends left of the year before sales season takes over, it’s more crucial than ever for brands to implement perfectly executed, strategic marketing experiences for shoppers on the approach to Christmas. Brands are not only at war with their competitors, but with the expectations from previous years’ performances and their customer’s expectations (all searching for the next big bargain).

Take a little…

Bending The Budget: Adapting Your Marketing Budget To The Season

As marketing professionals, we’re beholden to the seasons – some times of year are simply better for sales than others. For this reason alone, it doesn’t make sense to evenly distribute your marketing budget across the year, but there are other relevant reasons you should be budgeting seasonally as well. When we pay attention to our target audience and the needs our products fulfill, we can make smarter decisions about marketing budget allocations.

Identifying Your Strategies

One thing you’ll need to take into consideration when breaking down your digital marketing budget each season will be the question of format. There are many different ways to build your digital presence, but they come with varied expenses. Search ads – the ads that appear on search engines when someone enters relevant terms – often take up about the same portion of the average digital marketing…