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Creating personas is a fantastic technique to help develop more customer-centred communications. We find persona creation still isn't used that widely although it works well to make websites and integrated communications more effective. Our blog posts and persona toolkit for Expert members will give examples and explain how to create more effective personas.

Benefits for investing in personas include:

1. Helps site and experience meet customer needs. Both navigation and content can be made more customer-centred through use of personas. Focus on user needs and their top tasks – see examples.
2. Increases conversion. Whether conversion is actually increased will depend on the implementation. The focus on customer journeys and user task completion that the approach encourages should help with this as will creation of more engaging content assets which set the right tone and style to appeal to different types of purchaser
3. Encourages site integration with other channels. If cross-channel personas can be adopted, this will help facilitate multichannel journeys.
4. Objective not subjective. Improvements based on clear data-led and research-led assumptions about priority users.

Marketing personas quick guide

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Our Smart Insights guide to creating customer personas gives full details and examples

These free blog posts introduce customer personas and also include examples:

Marketing personas definition

A simple definition of a web persona is: “a summary of the characteristics, needs, motivations and environment of a key type of web site user“.

A more specific definition from the Foviance/Seren guide to Segmented personas is:

“A persona is a fictional character that communicates the primary characteristics of a group of users, identified and selected as a key target through use of segmentation data, across the company in a usable and effective manner.

This ultimately enables the company to design the best user experience for its customers at all touchpoints, which is a key success factor in today’s business environment”.

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Key techniques for Marketing personas

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