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Financial services marketing trends guide

Our recommendations on the latest online marketing techniques for Financial Services businesses

How will this guide help me and my business?

In many countries, the financial sector is facing significant challenges as new online services are created. In some, such as the UK, the government is actively seeking to encourage new entrants such as the new wave of challenger banks Atom and Modem and the incumbents seek to upgrade their legacy systems in order to meet the ever-increasing expectations of digital-savvy customers.

In this guide, we examine the key trends, customer behaviours and new digital innovations which are shaping the future of the financial services sector. This guide has been created to share examples of the latest trends used across digital media and technology to improve reach, user experience and conversions. You can use this sector-specific guide to enable you to inform your digital strategy and keep up to date with unique trends which will shape future investments.

How is this guide structured?

The guide is structured according to a number of financial services marketing trends as follows:

  • Omnichannel customer behaviour analysis
  • Content marketing trends
  • Organic search marketing
  • Google Ads and display
  • Apps and mobile within Financial Services
  • User experience and CRO developments
  • Emerging technology
  • Social media trends
  • CRM
  • IFA and investment brokers
  • Summary

Who is this guide for?

This guide is aimed at these roles working in the finance sector:

  • Marketing directors and CMOs
  • Digital marketer managers and e-commerce managers
  • Paid search and performance managers
  • Social media product managers
  • Product managers

The FS sector includes those services associated with managing money and personal finance. In the direct to consumer market this includes the following: insurance motor, health, life, home savings and investments, banking, and digital innovation. Relevant trends including blockchain, peer-to-peer, money transfer and the emerging ‘FinTech’ sector. We also examine the impact of digital on the intermediary (IFA) market and for the benefit of the readers we have included case-studies from a range of product areas to maximise relevance.

Latest updates

  • New section covering Omnichannel customer behaviour and journey visualization
  • Statistics on the role of digital product selection in the buyer journey via McKinsey
  • Updated guidance on organic search in financial services
  • Examples of new thinking in digital design style
  • New example of a customer onboarding sequence for a bank in the CRM section

Resource Details

  • Format: Online long form with the latest trends
  • Authors: David Reilly, and Sarah Lindley

About the authors

David Reilly

David Reilly is a Digital Skills Training, strategist and writer. His passion is exploring future technology trends, delivering training workshops and writing about topics such as digital acquisition, content marketing, B2B marketing, strategy and what it means to thrive in the digital world. David runs the ‘Future Thinking in Digital Marketing Meetup Group’ exploring the likely impact of future technology disruptions.

Sarah Lindley

Sarah Lindley, Managing Director at The Yorkshire Marketing Agency, is an award-winning Chartered Marketer. Sarah holds over 10 years’ experience in implementing results-driven marketing and communications strategies, plans, and campaigns.

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