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Online is often the first place customers look for support now and often it's not the company website, instead it's Twitter or a specialist support site like Get Satisfaction. If you can get web-self service right it can offer great cost-savings and satisfied customers.

Customer service and support quick guide

Customer service and support success factors

Dan's post on 5 things we can take from Zappos' success has a great collection of advice on success in customer satisfaction which can be applied to other businesses

1. Customers come back, order more and more often

  • On any given day, about 75% of purchases from Zappos are from returning customers
  • Repeat customers order >2.5x more from in the following 12 months
  • Repeat customers spend more

2. Make it easy for customers to build your brand

  • Superior experience drives word of mouth, so do the unexpected
  • Remove the risk of purchase and make it easy to return product for free
  • Fast, accurate fulfilment is worth talking about
  • Deliver an "above and beyond" customer service
  • Drive people to the phone, be contactable and be open

3. Talk to people!...

  • "The telephone is one of the best branding devices available"
  • Take time to talk to people properly
  • At Zappos there are no call times and no sales-based performance goals for sales reps
  • Zappos will also pay you $2000 to quit, so only the best people who enjoy the job stay
  • The Culture Book makes it clear how Zappos do business and even underpins performance management

4. Build a culture that envelops customers and internal staff"€¦

  • Zappos have "committable core values" that are clear, exciting and simple
  • It doesn't matter what your core values are as long as you commit to them and get internal alignment
  • Commit to a culture of transparency "An Ask Anything Culture"
  •  focusses on lifting the lid for customers and future employees

5. Have a vision...

  • "Whatever you're thinking, think bigger", comments Tony
  • Does your company vision have real meaning? Without is there little chance of achieving any of the above.
  • "What would you be passionate about doing for 10 years even if you never made a dime?

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  • ACSI - The American Institute of customer service has benchmarks and case studies of online customer service
  • Institute of customer service - has useful resources and satisfaction benchmark
  • Zappos Insights - an initiative to help companies generate a customer service culture

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