How E-retailers can make a sustainable ‘price match promise’ to grow business while protecting margins

As recession continues to bite, forcing even well known and loved names into receivership, we all know it’s essential to keep customers buying from us. And, in order to achieve this, you have to be absolutely certain you are offering the best price around. Of course in any market sector, there are many online retailers, all competing for the same customers and, more importantly, their money.  To triumph in the face of such intense opposition you’re going to need an angle or edge; something to make sure you’re ahead of the competition and that allows you prove it too. This is where services like Competitor Price Watch (CPW) can help. In this post I'll describe the concept behind these services and finish with three…

Our recommended tools for comparing your visitor numbers against competitors

All site owners want to know "how do we compare to our rivals" in number of visitors, but of course web analytics tools don't give you that. Instead you have to turn to independent benchmarking tools. I still hear a lot of folk saying they use Alexa, but they really shouldn't unless force to - there are much better tools available - this is what we recommend. Although the main purpose of these tools is comparing trends in visitor number, they also have other less well-known features that are also helpful to marketers when completing these activities: Benchmark number of site visitors against competitors - can be useful for justifying investment in traffic building, reviewing their seasonality or comparing campaigns Review audience composition e.g. demographics for competitors Review the reach and audience of potential partner sites such as blogs or publisher sites Find basic information on…

Our guide to benchmarking competitors for effectivness in customer acquisition, conversion and retention

In this guide, we take a look at the what, why, how and when of competitor benchmarking for digital marketing and provide a step-by-step guide showing the tools and KPIs you can use. You can download the guide or read our introduction below. Competitor Benchmarking Guide - Smart Insights

What is online competitor benchmarking?