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Four ways to tell a story in 6 seconds

In an increasingly mobile-first environment, audiences’ attention is at a premium. Brands are constantly looking for new ways to achieve cut-through and platforms such as YouTube, Google and Twitter are designing new formats to align with consumers’ evolving viewing habits. With mobile as the dominant medium now, user expectations towards advertising have changed. Whilst it will always be important to create great content to make an impact and keep people watching, it’s nevertheless important to acknowledge that content is consumed in different places and contexts, sometimes at home in front of a television and at other times on-the-go, via a mobile device. As a result of these shifting consumption patterns, in 2016 YouTube introduced the 6-second Bumper ad format for brands looking to deliver messages quickly and efficiently to consumers who are likely to be watching one-off pieces of video content in shorter sessions,…

New options for reaching your target audience through specialist video network channels

Networks represent a demand from consumers for YouTube to grow from being a collection of random videos to something more organized and therefore accessible and useful to audiences. The better networks such as those I feature in this post show the usefulness of teaming up for greater success. It's an approach that YouTube has identified and will address too in 2013. There is some controversy around the usefulness of YouTube networks for channels who are making good content and generating interest in their videos independently. However, there are definitely ways to utilise your involvement with a network to improve your video output and general marketing.

What is a YouTube network?

Put simply, it is a collection of YouTube channels. How these networks come about varies. Some companies start a network and ask channels if they would like to be a part of…